1. wow, looks healthy and there are so many of them! Good luck!😍 Did you use something?

  2. I got an infusion and mine went from 11 to 130 in two weeks

  3. my reading was 9 several months ago but my doctor did not offer me the infusion :(

  4. Oh man for nmol/L it should be in the 125-175 range for the optimal level! I would highly suggest supplementing for vitD as well. Vit D deficiency can also cause hair loss.

  5. thank you very much for this information! unfortunately, doctors don't take it that seriously. but I'm starting to use properly supplements now😊

  6. My hair looks like this! My hair is growing back curly

  7. he said recovery will take time and it will recover on its own. I was diagnosed with TE

  8. My derm said exactly the same. Do you take any hair supplements or hair lotions to speed up the process?

  9. I take vitamins and try rosemary oil. I also have new hair growing, but there is very little of it. do you use anything

  10. Yeah i wash my hair 2/3 times a week and It's been 2.5 months. Mine was cz of accutane

  11. don't worry, mine lasted a year and finally got better, it takes a lot time sometimes

  12. Hey, my hair looks like yours and my hair fall slowing down also now for some days, i hope it doesnt change. Do you have regrowth also? Because i see single new hairs in my scalp and im worried a little bit. I have been shedding a year now.

  13. How your sides look? Are they thin too? Or temples?

  14. How is your temples and sides? Are they thin too?

  15. Regrowth yes :) good luck! I have low iron too because of my period i think. My derm said i have TE and sometimes it lasts 3 years. I hope my hair grows back sooner

  16. I started losing my hair a year ago after stopping a very addictive medicine I was on for 12 yrs and at the time getting better was more important than my hairloss. I honestly thought it was the shock on my body and it would stop but it hasn't. I'm so scared I honestly don't know what to do. I went to my Dr and all she told me was that I'm getting old (I'm in my early 30s)threw a pamphlet about hairloss at me and that was it. She didn't even look at my hair. I have a new appt with another Dr but that's months out. Does anyone think they know what this could be? My part is normal, it's honestly these areas. I've gotten my thyroid checked, which I do take meds for and that was fine. Should I start topical minoxidil while waiting for my appt?

  17. I’m the same . Try to look into birth control pills, that’s the only thing that has significantly decreased my periods (in time and heaviness),I’m still waiting to see results on my hair since it’s only the 3rd month for me. Also,

  18. I got my birth control today and im going to experiment with them and hope the best, does your shedding slows down?

  19. Yep I’m a 2 and I’m thinning at the temples and when I wash my hair I have a panic attack at all my hair loss

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