1. The difference between a SD and a simp is that a SD actually gets sex. If you aren’t getting sex out of the relationship, you are a simp

  2. So a relationship is all about sex, it's not about the time you spend, or how they make you feel, kissing, being intimate without intercorse, having a laugh or feeling comfortable? by your logic a relationship is 110% you're only looking for someone to have sex ? I'm not at all saying that a SB should not have sex but that it should be more than just sex the man is seeking otherwise you're looking for an escort???

  3. Why should we pay for something we can already have for free? Ive got many female friends who are good looking who I am not intimate with, I don’t spoil them. I save that for someone who would be willing to be my gf and wants to be intimate with me.

  4. This is assuming: 1. your female friends are as hot & young as your SB would be, and 2. your hot female friend might actually want to have a relationship/sex with you.

  5. I met my partner playing jugger, which is an alternative sport that's like football and fencing. The last team I took to a tournament was 100% queer people.

  6. I need to look this up, I'm curious who fencing and football co-mingle. Do you stab the ball with a sword?

  7. Forging, vidéo games ans target shooting. Needless to say : I never met queer people with my hobbies :(

  8. Funny though, all of those things sound really fun! It's hard when the things we like to do in our spare time are solo activities.

  9. sometimes I think men send these messages as they fap off. Really requesting you wear a skirt. smh.

  10. sapphic ring/ hand jewelry, also the best way to let other women know your gay is to flirt with them.

  11. Imo - people who find themselves drawn to someone else so quickly (one month really?) are fools.

  12. As many said it depends on the event, as a kid in Tampa I remember driving through YborCity with my dad see people in drag and I thought it was the coolest thing ever, these gorgeous people done up like movie stars in my eyes.

  13. My dog Winry, the doggle wearing corgi! All ready for a Jetski Ride

  14. hehe I used to be a park ranger, now I’m a wildlife biologist 🐢🌱

  15. I'm 'weird' here because I enjoy my hiking sneakers with little support. (most of the time I hike a typically dry terrain)

  16. I never shared mine but I really loved lighting scented candles when I get home from work. Even if I have a crap day the nice smell seems to calm me down.

  17. You are asking a question that can be answered by one or more of the following resources:

  18. I wanted more clarification because a simple google search yields contrasting results, and talking to humans who are dedicated to fitness seemed to be an efficient way to understand and discuss train protocols.

  19. I actually had a crush on a girl in Highschool who wore a hijabi, I was really sad when I had to move. We were in a coding class together and since it was such a weird thing for a highschool to have we were the only two girls.

  20. I once had a general practitioner tell me she couldn't be my doctor because she had "no experience with your segment of the population." I went to her for a regular physical and bloodwork, nothing serious. When I filled out my forms, there were questions about sexual health and the like, so I answered them honestly. No STDS, various sexual partners, nothing about orientation. When she sat down with me she asked me if I had a girlfriend or wife, I said no, I don't have a boyfriend either. She looked puzzled and asked me what I meant, and I told her I was gay. She immediately froze in her chair and just held her pen over the forms, and said, "oh ok, I see..." then she looked up and said she's just not going to be able to have me as a patient because she doesn't have experience with people like me. When I asked her to elaborate, she said she "has never had any experience treating homosexuals and their specific needs." I told her our needs are the same as anyone else but she didn't seem to agree. I just left, completely disgusted and dejected. It was a while before I found another doctor who was LGBTQ affirming in their practice.

  21. ugh that's gross, I'm so sorry. I always wonder what these physicians even mean?

  22. Big/heavy, strong, body hair, small boobs, light colored eyelashes/ unruly eyebrows.

  23. This is the most wholesome post I've seen in a while. Thanks this is the content I love to read.

  24. I'm coming to terms with it myself, I don't feel its an illness per-say but more a neurotypical condition as I have been this way since I was a small child. I don't think it's learned but genetic to me. Given that there are healthy ways to manage the negative thought spirals that come with this way of thinking, to reduce your own suffering, and any outbursts you might have toward others, and medication to manage the anxiety/ depression that result of social pressures.

  25. I would suggest looking into Darias Wonder Wardrobe method.

  26. There are no lower height limits for any ID but there are upper height limits for all of them apart from the three “tall” ones.

  27. Ive got a little house in a queer suburb and for almost a year Ive been setting up a safe space ( in my mind ) , and for me that meant

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