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  1. Prosecutors are hesitant to push charges that will ruined a kids future over what they see as minor offenses, anything that does not equal to sexual assault, murder or possession with intent to distribute. It’s a compassion based system but it does a dis service in the long run.

  2. A guy who will hit his mother in the face will hit any woman in the face. This isn't a minor offense

  3. He lives down the street....with his father. They took him in for now

  4. Laniers meat store on Walton Way. ETA: It’s a good place to buy all your meat. Very good quality and excellent prices.

  5. Feasters Foods in Aiken has them for 7.99 per lb. 3-4 lb bags or 15 lb cases.

  6. I just took a look. I didn't even know Feasters served the public. I will have to slide by. Thanks!

  7. No way I'm letting a dude with his t-shirt tucked into his jeans take anything from me

  8. TV randomly started doing this. I tried to unplug and wait a while but that did not rectify the issue. I also tried to change the pictures settings such as: VIVID, MOVIE, NORMAL but that also didnt help. When I turn the TV on initially the screen lights up totally. It is only after the inital startup when it goes to the home screen that the bars show up

  9. Hertz apologizes after refusing rental to Puerto Rican

  10. This will be the argument when the class action suit comes

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