1. Kurzgestat and Veritasium are a couple that upload monthly-ish with some pretty varied topics.

  2. In a world I came up with recently, necromancers use donor limbs from a corpse to repair the bodies of anyone unfortunate enough to completely lose one of their own- like if a limb is caught in a woodchipper, for example. Severed fingers and toes can usually just be put right back, but mutilated parts are too messy to stitch together Frankenstein's monster style.

  3. Nice! I wonder if they could use this as the banner for the sub too?

  4. This is really nice! I like the bell on her collar, it looks like it's shiny even in pencil

  5. I love NightCafe! There's so many cool things I've seen people make there. This is a pretty nice avatar!

  6. Lyrics are more important than melody/rhythm. A song can be catchy as hell and also crap because of bad lyrics, or a song can be fire with only 2 notes repeated the whole time. Rap is a genre where most songs are made of few notes and very little proper melody, but can be absolutely awesome, and pop has a lot of good examples of catchy but widely hated songs. I know all the words to a lot of songs I have never willingly listened to. I find myself singing along and feel like I've been hijacked.

  7. Pattern screamer? The glitch in the machine?

  8. Omg that sound isnt a bug? Or it is, I mean it's not a glitch? That's been driving me crazy for days!

  9. I like the soft minimal lineart you have here. It makes the character feel like a plush and fuzzy little creature

  10. The only critique I can think of is to mess with the values/lightness of the colors a bit. The ear is a little lost in the hair, so making it brighter/more contrast would bring it back out. This is a very good piece!

  11. I think it’s more cat than dog, but it's face reminds me of a beaver for some reason?

  12. When I was in high school AP literature + composition class the teacher had us read a book called something like "how to read like a English professor", and one of the chapters in the book was about how in literature everything is about sex, except for sex- sex itself is about power. One example I can remember was used in the book was of a kid riding a rocking horse as a euphemism for his first time beating one out.

  13. I've never had Rowan but I am praying for the day Tangy asks to leave my island lol. She annoys me.

  14. if/when Tangy ever leaves, can I have her? She's one of the ones on my wishlist lol

  15. I'm looking to find Mitzi. She was my favorite back on the GameCube when I was a kid!

  16. I'm looking forward to getting some snow soon! Forecasts show Wednesday should be the start of a white winter wonderland in my area :)

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