1. Phil Collins' Tarzan songs are sang in a bunch of languages by Collins himself, and while the lyrics obviously vary a lot to make rhymes and all, but they're so cool.

  2. Just to be clear, "muy fácil" is the original spanish form, "bien fácil" is dialect in Hispanic America (I don't know exactly which countries).

  3. How in hell is the M97 not a favourite?? Nicest shotgun ever made.

  4. They could still show up. They don’t have to be in the trailer

  5. Man, I really hope they'd go for that route, the ending of Alyx gave me hope. And while we're at that, find a way to make Adrian Shephard be in again (I just really want to see a HECU marine again, and if he's on the characters' side, even better).

  6. Adrian Sheperd was originally supposed to be in a spin-off of half life called Ravenholm. The idea would sort of bring back father grigori and tell the sort of story of how ravenholm became the big ghost town it is now

  7. Oh yeah, I read about that. Honestly, anything with Shephard would be cool. I've watched the "Reinstated" SFM a few times now and it's just so cool.

  8. I am an arachnophobe. This is terrifying, yet fascinating.

  9. “Almost” and “completely”: Two words I generally don’t want to hear in front of “nonlethal.”

  10. Well, "completely" is certainly a word you want to hear in front of "nonlethal", it's the "almost" that makes it bad.

  11. Half-Life 2 is better in terms of gameplay/user-friendly experience. Half-Life is better when compared to its time and (this is personal preference) in the setting as well. That's probably why Black Mesa is my favourite Half-Life title.

  12. Kind of with you there, the Xen levels in Black Mesa are fantastic

  13. For real. I didn't quite like Xen on the original Half-Life, so I was a bit reluctant when they were going to add Xen on Black Mesa, but I was blown away by how cool it was, and the soundtrack! It's amazing all around. The only thing I really don't like about Black Mesa is the HECU design, they look too modern for a 200X setting.

  14. Imo blue shift should be played before op4, because it will be less dissapointing to play something with no new content before a game with new content

  15. I agree with this. And if OP likes it, they should throw in Black Mesa at any point after playing the original Half-Life (that is, either before or after HL2, though it's probably best after playing HL2 because of the references). It's basically the same game but I reckon the updates on the first part and the complete overhaul on the second part make it 100% worh it. I've played it through like 5 times and got all the achievements.

  16. In retrospect, just seeig the 40s setting and the 101st airborne patches on their shoulders, it's not really unexpected, but the effect is really cool.

  17. The canon ending. He joins the resistance not by love for humankind, but out of spite for the Combine.

  18. Añadiría en Cádiz la palabra Pisha/Picha (No se refiere al miembro masculino, sino como forma de referirte a una persona conocida

  19. Y en Sevilla miarma. ¿Y dónde está "illo"? Diría que como poco compite en popularidad con "quillo".

  20. Even if it's a great game (like GTAV was for 20 fucking 13 standards), it still won't be the same. It's a very different type of game, I don't see Rockstar adding realistic gun carry (like RDO's) to GTA, gun cleaning or other things that make me, for one, prefer RDR over GTA a thousand times.

  21. Death cheat has to go. Hunt has become more “new player friendly” over the past year and a half but death cheat pretty much removes the hardcore aspect of hunt. The risk of losing your hunter losing your traits that you have accumulated over dozens of matches that is what makes hunt so tense. You put a lot of effort and time into a certain hunter so you wanna keep them, with death cheat being a thing it’s near impossible to lose a hunter. It has to go after the event

  22. Honestly, I'd be fine if they make it so you lose everything but the hunter itself.

  23. In that case it should be a completely different frature where you can choose the hunter you want to play but i also dont think that will happen, specially with how they make their money with dlcs

  24. I'm a bit surpsied he didn't change his name before the war. I'd be a little scared about one of my fellow soldiers shooting me dead in the field over being that closely related to that monster.

  25. I figure having him on the team with that name was a big flex against the germans.

  26. ¿Qué hacen el vikingo con gafas de pasta, los soldados de la Segunda Guerra Mundial con equipamiento de comunicación personal y los de la guerra fría con aspecto de soldados modernos?

  27. that’s gotta be photoshopped, right? no fucking way his forehead is that big

  28. Maybe he was trying to comment on a different post and missed? Then deleted when he realized.

  29. Ok, I'll correct: I want a decent Jericho 941. The KWC/Cybergun one doesn't even have an adjustable hopup.

  30. Se emborrachaba a los pacientes, entre otras cosas.

  31. Disappointed in the way it happened, but not with the final result. I liked Keifer as Venom Snake and wish he'd have gotten more dialogue.

  32. I like Kiefer's voice, and now that I'm watching 24 I like him even more (I didn't really even know his face while I was playing the game), but I still would've preferred they stuck with Hayter, both for continuity and because of how much the saga means to him. It's not like he was doing a bad job and had to be replaced either.

  33. It's a real knockoff. In all honesty, it should be good enough for a budget airsoft loadout, just keep in mind the batteries may die soon or the reticle might not be visible enoigh on strong light conditions and stuff like that.

  34. Legitimate question though: what's "wrong" (in their minds) with tomboys? They're still women despite the name.

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