1. I used to rent a house in MN did the same thing the old lady that lived there before us for year and years smoked inside instead of cleaning the walls they painted over them and this would happen in random spots all over the walls

  2. 😮Seriously how did anyone / or houses / or cars survive all the indoor smoking of the 50s - 80s!?Ack 🤢🤮

  3. This is an activity invented by some guy who really wants to get out of the house.

  4. Lol, right? Most my neighbors just spend their whole nights and weekends in the garage to avoid their wives. This really kicks it up a notch 😂

  5. Honestly not knowing your location that’s hard since much depends on your local resources. Personally where I live I’d try our 1. Household hazardous waste collection center, or 2. Asking any ski shop.

  6. Ya know, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen worse or MORE tailgaters and “too fast for conditions-ers” than this winter. Post-pandemic “back to real life” honeymoon worn off now or what, I don’t know, but feels like I might die out there too often. SLOW DOWN PEOPLE! Gahhhh.

  7. As a lover of cheese, I really dislike all cheesefood. There are so many quality cheeses to be found at aldi, and it isn't that hard to just cut a few slices for a sandwitch or the myriad other foods that are made better with good cheese. Even on a burger I'd vastly prefer some gruyere, or crumbly blue cheese.

  8. Friends don’t let friends eat cheesefood. I don’t understand why people don’t just buy real cheese?

  9. I don’t think everyone is aware that all those individually wrapped cheeses are actually processed cheese food. They think it’s real cheese. Real cheese never comes individually wrapped as in Kraft singles.

  10. And all that plastic, yikes. I have not priced it out, but I do question whether it’s really in fact cheaper also “per unit”. Because I can buy an ENORMOUS chunk of sharp cheddar or other cheese at Costco for a reasonable price and live off it for ages… and I do! Lol.

  11. Well what is in the cylinders… Is it compressed nitrous or CO2 or what? Because my first thought is bring the thing into Airgas + some kind of adapter if the cylinders aren’t refillable.

  12. It’s like any luxury item. Like sitting in first class probably … don’t know what you’re missing until you try it! (For the record I’ve never sat in first class). Then it’s super hard to go back.

  13. I bought a 4runner last winter and drove it for a month before needing to borrow my Fiance's rogue. After sliding through the second stoplight that day, I decided to sell the rogue and buy a second Toyota. They're good for what they are, but they're built cheap and that part time AWD system is a joke. Only kicks in after its too late.

  14. I hear that. I looked at a lot of SUVs including Ford, Suburu, Honda and Toyota. But I simply HAD to have a panoramic sunroof, it’s my favorite feature hands down. I didn’t see that in the 4runners, at least in my locale. I think the Rav4s had pano but I didn’t like their colors. Yeah yeah I know those things sound superficial but first new vehicle of my life - bday present to myself - and I wanted what I wanted! 🤷🏻‍♀️And now I’m doing fine with the Blizzaks.

  15. I would prefer a Whole Foods over Trader Joes.

  16. Serious question, what would you get there that you already can’t get at our own (2) Whole Food Coops and/or Mt. Royal? Already a good selection of meats, fish, organic produce there.

  17. The difference is the cost… similar items at TJs are much cheaper than Whole Foods or mt. royal. I could go to Trader Joe’s and have two full bags of groceries for $$70 or less.. I vote for a Trader Joe’s

  18. The quality is a lot less too, just FYI. I still wouldn’t buy produce at TJs if we had one here, I’d continue getting that from the co-op or Mt. Royal as usual. Bakery items and produce have never impressed me from TJs.

  19. No, it doesn't. So maybe I (and the ellipical) am underestimating the kcal I'm burning during a workout.

  20. And as far as “active energy” goes… a body burns calories in a coma, just keeping itself alive!

  21. The watch is smarter than any equipment. It’s literally ON your body and monitoring it.

  22. But I loooove boba. So that’s a bummer!

  23. i would argue that sometimes phoholic is iffy sometimes as well. like depending on who makes the boba you could be getting a masterpiece or a watery sludge. the food always slaps though. we need more places like that in duluth

  24. Ugh, that sucks. I hate inconsistent food/drink. That’s what drives people to chains. A Starbucks vanilla latte tastes the exact same in Houston, DC, or Duluth, and for $6.50 something each, why would I roll the dice on some random barista elsewhere??

  25. Yeah I guess I didn’t have much of a question there. I guess I’m not sure if I want to commit to the full competitive devision. Was the non competitive still race like? Or was it people just kinda cruising and chatting?

  26. Very race like. It’s still timed with age group results and you wear the chip tracker on your ankle for times. There’s zero floating or chatting, everyone is working their asses off. It was well over 2 miles due to currents / waves / wind last year, one girl told me her Garmin clocked 2.8 as we were changing after. Way too wavy to talk without swallowing water and you’d be out there forever if you screwed around anyway. None of that going on that I saw midpack anyway!

  27. Awesome this is exactly everything I wanted to know! I will be registering for non-competitive.

  28. Awesome! I don’t think you can go wrong with that choice. Any other questions just send em my way. Good luck, it’s hard but was a ton of fun!

  29. This particular screenshot is a bad example, but why is Travis gray?

  30. Because he’s 45 - when exactly do you think people start going gray? Are you in high school?

  31. Lots less, and I don’t even have cellular on it! Love being able to leave my phone behind and go out for a hike, listen to a downloaded podcast, and pick up groceries on the way home using ApplePay, totally hands free with no phone needed.

  32. ‘Tis the season of the short kings 👑🍄

  33. Welcome! Try the Collections, I’m doing the 30-Day Core Challenge for January and feeling pretty great here at Day 29. Almost 2 years into this myself and only wish I’d found / noticed “Collections” sooner!

  34. Are those Fisher? Looks like the ones I bought last week!

  35. Wow it’s enormous. Is it a 49mm and does it only come in this size? I don’t think I could pull that off.

  36. That’s definitely the 49mm, the only size available for it.

  37. Jimminy crickets! Hard to imagine this working for anybody except a big guy even tho I’m a tall gal (5’10”) with wrists to match. Hmmm I’d have to see a woman wearing this I guess for scale, I feel like my 40mm S6 is plenty big already!

  38. Create a list called Groceries in your Reminders app. Then you can ask Siri to add bread to your groceries list.

  39. Sidewalk/driveway salt for winter

  40. Super bad for the environment by the way, have you tried shoveling / scraping, sand or cherry grit? I find a 1:1:1 mix of sand/grit/salt is VERY effective! And cuts the salt by 2/3.

  41. Is Garmin as much of a smartwatch as AW? Texts and notification and music etc? I always understood Garmins to be more dedicated FOR fitness while AW is more like, primarily a smartwatch but also good for a fitness hobbyist - all that a non-professional athlete needs.

  42. Work Outdoors does it all. It’ll record all that (and much more) and write it to whatever health service you want. It’s also super easy to plot your ski route so you can follow the trail right on your watch

  43. So I don’t even run the workout as normal in AppleWatch workouts right… I just do it all in the other app?

  44. Amazon or Best Buy “open box”. I have a bunch and realize you “get what you pay for” so ofc they’re not as good as OG Apple quality, but they’re fine for my basic uses!

  45. Yes, I grew up in the rural mountains, she grew up in the city. Figured we wouldn’t have anything in common so I skipped over her a couple times, then she popped up again and I said fuck it and sent a like.

  46. Aww nice story! Are you now no longer with the mom, is that why you’re on this sub and/or dating apps though?

  47. Aaah okay. I thought I was going crazy. It seems like a normal dessert that many bakeries tend to have on their shelf. May not look exactly like that but pretty much tastes the same. Either way, glad TJs has these now.

  48. I don’t even have a bakery that sells fancy pastries like this in my town.

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