1. Wait shet 14, freshman in college?? Wait sorry ayun yung take away ko ha. Hahahahahaha pero did you really go to college at 14????? Got damn. You hella brainy.

  2. Hello I explained this already in the comments. Sorry if I was not able to explain it dun sa post, I technically turned 15 that time. I graduated at 19 :) And I'm not "smart" po maaga lang ako pinag aral 🥲

  3. You can no longer have babies after you pass a certain age or have difficulty. Take it as a gentle concern and reminder, not as nagging.

  4. Hello! I am aware that women, at a certain age may have difficulties with getting pregnant or with pregnancy in general. I however do not support the idea to just randomly decide that just because of your age you're now "justified" to get pregnant. In this particular post, my "tita" didn't have a job, (she still doesn't have any until now), she's only been dating the guy for 3 months when she got pregnant. He's earning minimum wage with a whopping 15k in his bank (at that time she got pregnant). Their families paid for both the wedding, her medical bills when she gave birth, and even the Christening of the child which just happened a few months ago. I respect your opinion, this is just my take on "this" particular scenario :)

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