My supervisor told me today that he could have another person ready to take my job an hour after I left if need be, I was only inquiring about a raise I was supposed to get anyway, this was also during my break surrounded by other coworkers. So I said “start the timer” And I left.

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  1. As with almost everything else in flying it will get better with more practice. I had the same problem when I was a student and can now see traffic that I would have never caught as a student.

  2. Which 172 models currently in common usage weren't certified for spins? I've flown M -> S and all were certified for spins.

  3. I'm sorry I moved around due to being in the military? And I just recounted, it's 10....not sure why that's what you nugged down on.

  4. You asked your supervisor about a raise during break surrounded by coworkers???

  5. Isle Royale is within spitting distance of Minnesota.

  6. Are not some power plant near the sea for heating the water?

  7. No. They are near large bodies of water for cooling. The ways which is turned to steam is rather pure water to start with.

  8. Fly a minimum of 2x per week. I think 3-4 is optimal.

  9. No T-hangars at MDW (that I've seen). So you would only be able to get space in one of the larger hangars. And I would bet that would cost well over $1,000 per month.

  10. Eastern was pretty hated. They managed a crash into the Everglades because they were too fixated on a blown bulb to fly the plane.

  11. The airline didn't get distracted by a lightbulb, the pilots did. And this happened 20 years before they ceased operations.

  12. Sure. It looks like the longest overwater part would be from WA to Timor and that's only about 300nm. Bring a life raft with the necessary survival gear and you're good to go. The rest of the way looks like you can stay within gliding range of land most of the way.

  13. Hampton Roads, Virginia (which includes Norfolk VA) is more or less an immensely large military installation with a partially civilian population.

  14. You obviously haven't been to the Florida Panhandle. Tyndall, Eglin, Hurlburt, NAS Pensacola and Ft. Rucker all within about a 50nm radius.

  15. I didn’t hear anything about this on shift today. Is this Norfolk, UK or Norfolk, US?

  16. I'm in Panama City and look at the area often with ADSB-Exchange. I see lots of training aircraft (fixed wing Texan's and helo's) out of Pensacola. C-130's out of Eglin.

  17. Just found the person who doesn't know what Qualified Immunity is.

  18. He just murdered a dude and was acquitted? Because he is white? Did u miss something?

  19. If you have a social security number, you have an account.

  20. Ones that start with 000 aren't / weren't issued normally, they used to be reserved for special immigration statuses.

  21. Correct. Back when the numbers were issued based on location, 001 was the lowest defined area number. IIRC, 001-003 were allocated to NH.

  22. Never played at a place where dealers win on a tie. It's always a push.

  23. i am curious as to what is the correct answer to the question 🤔

  24. On the other hand all the "cash discounts" restaurants and store become a great way to avoid taxes.

  25. You think that local cash only hole in the wall restaurant declare all of their sales?

  26. Compared to most run-of-mill Russian, Indian or Romanian criminal hackers, I think you'll find that NK doesn't have that many "top talented hackers".

  27. But in most states that have laws against impeding the flow of traffic or not driving slow in the left lane.

  28. I read that you're supposed to use physical interface for native VLAN only on older devices (i.e. earlier than IOS 12.1(3)T). On any newer version of IOS you should use subinterfaces.

  29. I assumed that the “encap dot1q native” command wasn’t working.

  30. My neighbor flew F-15's and retired. Got hired by Delta.

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