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  1. I reached Cyberdemon a few days ago with JQ being my main. Haven't done much competitive with her yet, but I've had a lot of really good and close games with her in QP. Definitely my favorite hero

  2. She’s fun but I can’t carry with her like I can Wrecking Ball. Several games this week I wanted to get thank tank role win so had to swap to him.

  3. How about too much personality? Junker Queen will straight up trigger her own teammates.

  4. Pharah is really bad for it too, and similar to Kiriko she has an interesting story set up for her already but doesn't do much with it. Pharah's relationship with Ana (from Pharah's perspective), and what her absence did to her, should have been explored more in dialogue.

  5. I’ve been playing Overwatch for over 6 years and it just dawned on me that Pharah doesn’t have a personality. That’s mythic blandness right there.

  6. If you guys catch a message on the Game Pass mobile app saying you’re suspended, it’s an error. I don’t have any other service that does this from time to time, but don’t take it too seriously.

  7. Good call. I feel like if you have the real McCoy, sharing a room with Arcade1Ups besmirches the originals. If a guy collects Ferrari cars, they don’t share a garage with a replica.

  8. GoldenEye 007 had real door physics in 1997. 🙄

  9. Theoretically it will be in a future rotation, just not this one. For OW2 blizzard is doing map rotations each season instead of every map every season

  10. That sucks. Hated hero rotation, so I guess that’s bound to come back.

  11. AND she already has a skin with a beret.

  12. I feel it’s far more geared toward finding a game quickly than finding a presumably easy match.

  13. Happens every pin, so I figured it was one of the changes they made to him.

  14. Saddens me, but to a majority of people your existence is for their amusement. We all are harassed so easily online when people wouldn’t dare act that way in person.

  15. This title is leaving soon. It’s more fun and engaging than it may appear, and a quick 1,000 gamerscore.

  16. Checking in each day to play two games to earn my three dailies and get that Cyberdemon title.

  17. OW2 really is a lot better looking than most people seem to appreciate.

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