1. There’s a pay wall so I could only read the first two paragraphs, but this article appears to be about impurities in Delta 8, as opposed to side effects of Delta 8 itself. That syncs well with this sub, which you’ve known if you’ve been here for a while, so: good.

  2. that's the only option for the one I'm looking for it isn't on n hentei or anything

  3. I bet nearly everyone reading this is imagining the part 4 cast as they were in part 4, not 12 years older.

  4. There's a fanfic with that on AO4 but I can't remember the title

  5. Csonka is 39. number 9 has the ball. so I'm assuming number 9 is jay fielder the qb for the dolphins at the time

  6. But this is set in 2011. and jay fielder was not qb at the time so this is false retard

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