1. Yup. You could wipe them down if you want, but that’s nothing harmful.

  2. Sold for 3.3k incase a pricecheck is needed

  3. [H] Big Bite Topper [W] Credits or item offers

  4. [H] Slurpee Decal [W] Credits or item offers

  5. I’d take the beta nugget tomorrow if the other guy falls through

  6. Wow reallly!? I can’t say thank you enough for being down to help me find these!

  7. I’ll be on in about 30 minutes if you still need help

  8. That works perfect thanks, I’ll tag you on the post I need help with

  9. Hey sorry I gotta get off soon, I thought you were around

  10. You online? Is your epic still “ganajhead”?

  11. Deal i added you to a groupchat with the mm

  12. OG Striker Black and TW listed on Xbox RLTP

  13. There’s an update that I didn’t realize, that’s my bad

  14. I just checked my Xbox and my update is done if u are still on

  15. 2 weeks ago. 22-24k where the going price.

  16. Sorry meant sky blue and crimson but 1650/1750

  17. Gonna be near impossible to get one as there was one dude offer a beta nugget and over 30k for one but wasn’t able to get one

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