President Zelensky has arrived at the White House for his meeting with President Biden.

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  1. That Cookies.Co means the packaging came from there Colorado Cookies market

  2. Imagine just 1 year ago all the stuff he used to be able to do with that ass.

  3. Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing but last day or two I have been feeling Stomach upset Diarrhea Shortness breath

  4. I know you dont actually "see" an explosive shockwave like that IRL but since day 1 i thought that was a cool feature.

  5. Explosions on this game look amazing, can't wait to see the next title step it up even further.

  6. No man is perfect, but I'm have so much respect for his leadership.

  7. The perfect Battlefield would be

  8. Ain't no such thing as perfect, you would still have folks complaining about all 5hiae features you named.

  9. I enjoy the challenge, plus it's a video game. You're not supposed to frag out every game. But that's just my opinion.

  10. Wow! We can criticize Dice, but the artistic director is always on point.

  11. Irish using his APS, while in a tank posted close by the obj.

  12. Picked up their Tangie Fizz a couple weeks ago, the terps were amazing! Props to their team.

  13. You have to exercise and sweat, that's the only way to be sure. I was testing positive 90 days out as a daily concentrate smoker of multiple years.

  14. Year 2 will see big time Portal updates. Imo this seems to be the way DICE is posturing.

  15. I’m not here to defend… but cool, we know. Fuck this sub is a shit show. This is like the 800th post on this topic. Let it go, find a new game, it’s been a year..

  16. Did the moderators just give up, cause it's really been posted every other hr the same thing. Don't understand why folks just can't ignore the skins if they don't want to spend $, talk with your wallets not your keyboard.

  17. One frame death have been a problem since launch.

  18. MJ's are your best bet for your first rug, eventually you'll break it and feel as bad since it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Gifted my brother this exact one little more than a year ago he loves it.

  19. The next BF? Wouldnt get your hopes up. Dead franchise

  20. All the pessimism in the world couldn't kill this franchise. Everyone said give Dice a year to fix the game lol

  21. Tap firing in semi automatic will help you tremendously.

  22. I've heard people say that if you don't know how to do it properly, then if you've done it and the person isn't in agonizing, excruciating, hellish pain, then you haven't done it right. Which sounds great. If you know that and hear someone tell you they have to put a tourniquet on you I imagine there's a split second where you'd think "On second thought maybe just let me die..." Obviously dying is worse but a tourniquet sounds not too far behind.

  23. There's ways worst things than dying my friend.

  24. "The only thing they did better was the gun feel" lol so you mean the whole point of a fps game. Battlefield is a flop. They tried to pull some valorant or apex legend shit with the heros the maps are trash the graphics honestly look worse than bf3. A game made as a FPS by company doing it for 20 years failed to have more than what 15 guns. Also just having that many guns to work with they still failed to balance them properly let alone let the bullets actually connect. We can blame the ceo for pushing the game to release but we also have to blame the devs for putting barely any effort. During the first two season of patches they would release "fixes" that felt as if they never even tried the patch themselves. Remember the patch which broke everyone on PC ability to move their mouse horizontal.

  25. "Devs barely put in any effort." Just because they didn't make the game you want doesnt mean they didn't give any effort. We can all criticize the choices and implementation but to say people that went thru crunch to get this game out after it was delayed put in no effort is plain stupid. Y'all say the dumbest things sometimes with no critical thinking.

  26. Only in Battlefield baby, that's was beautiful 🥲

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