1. What is the origin of the John Sojourn joke? It just applies to Edison? (I missed the beginning of sojourn meta)

  2. Even John What a day.

  3. Trying to get on Plat Chat's Worst Take segment, smh

  4. welp boston can't game anymore until they find somebody new

  5. Incoming Punk, President of Gaming?

  6. Shock playing on nightmare difficulty

  7. My damage challenge reset twice in the same night. Possibly more, but I was afraid to go look. Despairge

  8. "I'll play it someday," said A_Seagull as he loaded up OW/Apex for the 500th day in a row. "I am a variety streamer, after all."

  9. Twilight simply clears, but considering Finn has never played Brig until the start of this stage these numbers for him are actually insane. That having been said, I hope the promised nerfs will prevent this from ever happening again lol


  11. Hey guys, sorry about the scuffed quality of today's episode.

  12. Enjoyed the episode Mr. Larsson, thanks very much for everyone's hard work. Looking forward to the next one as always. :)

  13. Good rivals make everything more exciting. It was funny at first to see the Glads flattening now I'm just kind of...sad. Where are the Glads that were promised?

  14. I've gone back and forth on the ult myself, but I've been really enjoying her since the recent tweak. After a lot of thought, the only things I'd do are increase the width of her left click by 0.1 or speed up how fast it advances to rank 2/3 a little bit, and add a slight bit of damage to the turret DPS to compensate for how easily they are killed and how much the slow was reduced. Maybe even remove the slow entirely, but ramp up the damage and travel time? shrug

  15. I don't know if this contributed meaningfully to London losing to Boston in this Season 1 match, but the optics of Profit seemingly throwing his pulse bomb onto a specific spot on a wall on purpose right before London crumpled has stuck with me. In fact, I've kept the twitch clip this entire time.

  16. During the game, the custom lobby host left and ownership transferred over to another OBS account. Somehow, this process changed the team setup (unsure how this would even happen, to be honest, but it's the most likely explanation) such that Boston Uprising's name and color was applied to one of the teams (avoiding spoilers here) while the other team somehow kept their color intact. At the end of the match, the incorrect team name was shown as the victor.

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