1. It looks like he left his guns and his teeth at home.

  2. Can afford thousands of dollars in guns and ammo, but nothing for dental insurance. That’s what you call priorities.

  3. But America is one of the few countries where you can tell the president that to his face. I can think of so many “democracies” where this guy would’ve been whisked away.

  4. Right! And I’m sure if it happened ole Orange man, that vet would be attacked physically and online as a dissident. Many politicians voted for that war. Yes, Joe was part of the machine, but not at the wheel. Doesn’t make sense to blame the guy personally when he had a stake in the consequences.

  5. Sounds like another Capitol insurrectionist hoping to live that prepper survivalist fever dream. This will be interesting.

  6. Watched Trek for years and loved all the stories. Wife comes along and questions all the lore and technical jargon upsetting the balance with “couldn’t they just…” type comments. Life.

  7. Who are you, so wise in the ways of science?

  8. Rut Roh. Prosecutors got the video of Milkshake talking about storming the Capitol admitted. It’s very quick and I’ve only seen it on one video. But it is the clearest indication I’ve seen that the Capitol was indeed a potential target by the entire group.

  9. Skabite, Byoubo, Clan Retched, Fleasick, Vomitus, Scarboylenz that’s all I got.

  10. I’m curious at what point these antics of his have consequences since he’s already been exposed in court? How is such a scumbag just out spewing falsehoods without some accountability!?

  11. Oh nostalgia, she was the first “Number One”, and damn the woman was awesome to the end.

  12. Some mad genius’ idea of placating his spoiled child god-king with a scale model toy city.

  13. Reminds me of the Olmec heads. They look nothing like the indigenous people that inhabit the area. A lost civilization indeed.

  14. We could however, allow all secessionists to occupy this island off Cuba called Gitmo. I hear it’s better there for such troublemakers.

  15. We don’t just parcel off states just because some lady proposed it. Maybe we should just remove the trouble-makers?

  16. Oh my god. Complete nod to “Northe Exposure” with two original cast members in the beginning and then the town of Sicily as the backdrop. Love it!

  17. Lashes for that “killer look”. I’ll see myself out.

  18. Yes, many of these guys will fail their probation.

  19. That’s an epic Warhammer flex, my brother. I bow to this magnificent room. And curse my pile of shame gathering dust in a corner desk. Please tell me you have no kids.

  20. I just rewatched Waterworld and saw them giving Smeat.

  21. Destruction seems to be having a great time. I also love the great attitude and the self-imposed isolation.

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