1. Also here to boost Moulton. The real deal in so many ways.

  2. As an immigration attorney, this is so silly. The citizenship test itself is silly for immigrants.

  3. As an immigrant, I concur. Teach how to do things, teach financial literacy, teach how to be an engaged citizen where they live, teach how the insanely complex tax system works, demonstrate volunteerism.

  4. You'd smell it even more, and you'd get a few high end dispensaries and a shitload of low end vape/dope/kratom shops all over. A few local growers who will do pop up shops at events as well. I live in Virginia and, with almost legality, that's what we've got here now.

  5. It's a terrible idea. If kids don't know enough by high school to "be a citizen" then some rote learning to pass a pointless test will not make any difference. This is pseudo patriotic virtue signaling performance politics.

  6. Thank you for giving a fuck and trying to do something positive to counter this crap.

  7. I twitched when I saw the standing tanks. Is this a thing the cool kids do now?

  8. Officer's Messes tend to have the lowest ratio of en suite due to the average age of the buildings being so old. Most have a wing with suites but most of the rooms tend to have shared bathrooms.

  9. I use Aeropress and Clever Dripper and I'm also mighty happy with my C2 Max.

  10. What grind click do you use for the Clever Dripper?

  11. Not sure TBH. I started with it at 20 clicks and tweaked it a couple of clicks from there until it worked.

  12. What size bike did you get? I as a 6'7" rider on an XXL Grail.

  13. Boohoo poor pitiful me. That’s a horrible attitude to have. I have no sympathy for that poor pitiful me attitude I can’t do anything. People like that are born into a miserable unhappy sad pathetic life. Can’t imagine how horrible that kind of misery is.

  14. Huh? You know the old wealthy white men who established America set it all up to retain what they had, right? Not sure where pity comes into this. It's what happened.

  15. I don’t blame others for my shortfalls. If I want to succeed I put in the effort to succeed. If people want of fail then you put in the effort to fail. I’ve always said this. Regardless of race and ethnicity there are wealthy people of all races and genders. Why single out old wealthy white men when there are wealthy people of all races and genders? I find it odd people always blame the wealthy white men. More and more ethnicities are seeing the junk that the far left is pulling on minorities. Former nba player charles Barkley once said I voted Democrat my whole life and it’s still the same thing as it was when I was born. I got nothing the neighborhoods around me and that I grew up in haven’t gotten better they haven’t done a single thing for any of us minorities. These minorities are waking up. So anyone that is woke may want to think about it before a lot of minorities see what the work left is doing to them. I’ve met a lot more minorities that are finally seeing what’s going on.

  16. I'm just highlighting that the founding fathers didn't do shit for anyone who wasn't just like them.

  17. Hanover county public school have really outdone themselves this year!

  18. The politically appointed chumps have had a big year. The teachers are mostly fantastic and do their job despite political shenanigans and not because of them.

  19. Trail Hut Gear Exchange might have suggestions. I know they were repairing clothing at one point.

  20. Andrew Tate is complete garbage. But four episodes?? I don’t think Hitler got that many

  21. I mean the entire first episode barely even mentioned him—it was about the movement that he took his ideas from. The second one only covered him before he got famous. I think this one was deliberately expansive because it gave more time to get into detail on exactly how much of a scumbag he is.

  22. I'm happy that an origin story talks about where the grift comes from.

  23. I think his currency in the news is a boost. Also, as a Brit now living in America, I was unaware of just how popular he is with teen males in the UK. I'm hearing horror stories from friends there as to how insidious and widespread his grift is there. It's good to focus on current real bastards and how they are grifting if we are to do anything to counteract such shit.

  24. What are the tablets made of? I can see if you have a large enough piece of foil underneath it would be safe enough during low fire months. The cool thing was how you don't need a stand for your pot.

  25. It is one of the most precarious hacks to 'not need a pot stand' I've seen. Does it work? Sure. Does it work well? Not if you include stability / safety.

  26. It would work well with my Toaks 450ml.

  27. Would it work within the regulations for stoves where you plan to use it? I know a lot of land managers are limiting the types of stoves that can be used.

  28. Viv Graham getting shot on New Years Eve 1993. That shook the nightlife in the city when it happened.

  29. It also gave birth to about 20 million people that claimed to know ‘Big Viv’ etc

  30. You're not wrong there. "Ahhh man, he was a nice blerk, dead canny really. Kept the radgies oot where the coppers didn't bother." No. He was a violent criminal.

  31. They are made from sheep leather because of the improved dexterity it gives over regular leather.

  32. Right, that's just the "standard" number I always see but I get that it's a lot more complicated than that. It's just a good starting off point for trying to get people to understand that A/Cs have limitations and their limit might be before one's comfort level.

  33. That's why you have to consider HVAC as part of the systems that make up a property. If it's poorly insulated and not very airtight then you'll never hear or cool the property effectively. Arguing that people should be OK with something that can't effectively cool because the house it's in is full of holes and barely insulated, without talking about the fabric of the building, is odd.

  34. RVA Paddlesports. Kayak instruction, rafting etc.

  35. Whoever now owns what was Northern Electric / NEEB has a tunnel under the Tyne that has cables carrying electricity as part of the grid. I got to see it when I was on work experience back in the late 80s. Apparently it predates even the pedestrian tunnel.

  36. There is something (called "Fernwärme" in German) that works in the way that water is pumpen through pipes and get warmed up by the heat generated in Factories that's need a lot of heat to work and then transport it to the homes. It can also work with cooling. That can reduce the energy needed for cooling/heating. Everything else will be tricky. I agree on that

  37. District heating and cooling can and do work, but they need specific plants to generate or be close to somewhere generating excess heat or cooling. They also work best with food urban density. Even so, those buildings need to be built to higher standards in order to make the most efficient use of the heating and cooling. We need sustainable construction materials widely used and better insulation and better airtightness and even lower energy appliances.

  38. In my home town our 3 waste incinerator plants provide the heat to a lot of peoplein the inner city and the neighboring parts of town. Consider that city has 360,000 people. Besides that almost every house is very well insulated.

  39. This is not the case in most of the rest of the world.

  40. I saw it from Atlee. It was far more satisfying than I imagined, watching the live footage on my phone then looking up and seeing it climb over the trees and off up.

  41. Do you mean a letter prefix? Letter, 7 numbers. Both parts make up the Service Number.

  42. I drink less coffee than I used to. But what I drink now is much better quality.

  43. I wish he would stick with it and leave his British effort alone. Gaaahhh.

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