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  1. Well lots of people (including me) saw the 4chan leak and how he was right.

  2. And some people have seen the Spanish ad for episode 6 😅

  3. One of my absolute favorite things to do when I visit Japan is hit all the used bookstores in Akihabara. Generally end up with so many books I have to get an extra bag to bring them back in, lol.

  4. Relatable... now I will be in Japan for a year... any recommendations of what I should buy for my akihabara book off book mountain?

  5. The story and dialogue in Hotd is on another planet in comparison to RoP. It’s apples and mouldy donkey balls you thought were oranges. Shock and awe isn’t Hotds’ “thing” it’s just what was happening, they’re not leaning on those events in the slightest. I’d almost forgot that they happened. But I’ll never forget the amazing scenes where two people stood in a room and spoke to each other.

  6. I don't know man the dialogues between Elrond, Durin and Disa are pretty well written imo and get me emotional. It also manages to touch upon many, many Tolkien themes and when I watch the Rings and Realms breakdowns for each episode I am quite surprised how much the writers managed to put in from the lore. That said I am not going to take it away from you if you don't like the writing. But I honestly don't believe it's objectively as bad as people say it is. "But that's just like my opinion dude." I fully respect yours although I don't agree.

  7. The dwarf scenes are the only scenes that are well written

  8. Lot of downvoting going on here from both sides gonna upvote you to keep discussions alive even though I don't agree with you. The Halbrand galadriel thing is quite interesting but that one could go downhill if they make a bad choice towards the end of the season which I don't think they will. Elendil is wonderful as well. I enjoy watching Pharazon and his possible mind games. Arondir is one of my favourite characters. The interaction between the orc and Adar and then Adar and Arondir had me on the edge. One way or another I genuinely appreciate you sharing your opinion. There is more to learn from talking with people you disagree with openly than these childish attacks at one another both camps do. Hope you have a lovely day sir.

  9. Would not watching Corporate Propaganda (CP) feel better? MSM always sounds like conspiracy shit. That’s some Qland shit.

  10. Well the way we live now is mainly based on Corporate Propaganda. Without it, individualism wouldn't have taken on as people weren't used to spending money on things they didn't find necessary, etc. The companies wanted more profits so they started leaning into Psychoanalysis and propaganda a lot more.

  11. I took quite a lot of film classes in a uni heavily influenced by french academia and I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a script written in “the french style”

  12. I think in 7th grade in Slovakia we were learning about scriptwriting during literature class. The scripts looked weird to me as I have only seen American scripts by that point. It was this "French style" as OP describes. And then there was also a technical script that had to accompany it that describes every camera angle, sound effect and music cue.

  13. If it's just for the vibe, you could try Grimoire of Zero. It starts off as a cute and harmless adventure between Beauty and the Beast a Witch and a Beastman, which later turns into heavily action and drama focused as dark conspiracies are brought to light. It's quite an old school fantasy series with no OP heroes, no cheat skills, and encounters are high stake.

  14. The Faraway Paladin is probably got a similar Tolkein aesthetic for its world, but definitely doesn't lean into the horror potential.

  15. No, mainly because of shitty writing and bad plot

  16. Username checks out. Nikto having a nothing argument

  17. Just watch Jackson's trilogy if you think this isn't shit, this is just boring 2022 tropes and almost zero meaningful plot, just stupid memberberries and obvious "twists" that you can see from kilometers away (that "southerner" guy is 100% Sauron, mark my words). It shits all over canon while not providing anything of value, just a boring generic fantasy show with lame political signaling (that Númenorean definitely-not-MAGA rally had me burst into laughter). It will all age very badly.

  18. The Numenorians had the same issues in the books. The jobs line was pretty heavy handed I will give e you that. I have watched Jackson's trilogy countless times, I study it, I learn from it, I try to take away knowledge from it and apply it to my films. It doesn't take away from my enjoyment of the show and to my knowledge it's really in touch with Tolkien's themes.

  19. It's the long one i think at the beginning of the book

  20. Damn now I kinda want to emulate it. Ngl the game is beautiful but with a better framerate it would have been an even better experience

  21. wtf is this bullshit lmao do people really enjoy this crap? yet should have kissed him in the forehead and say goodnight

  22. Yes, people do in fact like the show.

  23. Because he has the same armor and sword design as Noldor warriors in this show (Galadriel and her company from ep1).

  24. He might be one of the sons of Feanor who disappeared after he got sad when a silmaril burned his arm (wears a glove) and had to throw it into the sea.

  25. only 3 switch users including me :(

  26. Call me crazy... but I could see Chalamet as Annatar.

  27. I didn't know anything about it except for it's really good and I have to watch clannad before. I was having a hard time getting through the original. Then I got to after story and oof that was an emotional rollercoaster

  28. My god I just remembered the film and teared up

  29. Sorry I forgot to review if haha. Yes your painting does represent gondolin to me. I am not used to seeing it from a bit closer up, usually I have seen paintings of it from a far off distance so this is a great change

  30. Hlavne nie ďalšiu sociálnu drámu s desaturovaným tmavým obrazom a nulovou hudbou.

  31. Neboj sa to by som plakal keby mám také niečo zrobiť

  32. Alebo, teraz už fakt, cca 6 antalogických 20 minútových príbehov v 2 hodinovom filme o živote počas zombi apokalypsy na Slovensku (inšpirované knihou Svetová Vojna Z). Jednotlivé príbehy by mohli byť napr.: začiatok apokalypsy z pohľadu doktora, postupné odzombovanie Slovenska na konci apokalypsy, atď...

  33. Toto vôbec neznie ako zlý nápad.

  34. Its not really. They made 257 billion in 2021 alone.

  35. Well usually when I see articles about fines from the US it often goes only up to a few millions compared to the billions the company made. So relatively speaking it's larger but there is a point to what you are saying.

  36. How many types of meat are mixed in that thing? XD I see beef, chicken, I see some pig fat, is that some soy in there? struggling a bit with so much kanji and also upside down

  37. Dokončili sme short film na ktorom som bol DoP a poslali na festivaly. Dlho som mal sen byť v Japonsku na dlhšiu dobu a o 2 týždne idem do Tokia na rok študovať film a literatúru (zbierať inšpiráciu na vlastné scenáre). A také mimo ale veľmi sa mi páči zelená strecha v Bratislave je to také random ale je to tam super.

  38. I am in Slovakia and claymore is on Netflix here

  39. Of everything I've read so far on this post, this is the one I am least ready to hear.

  40. Especially if it's the same reused children giggling sound from films. That sound annoys me so much can't they take a new set of children and record them?

  41. For me it's the opposite. As a kid I wanted to be a hobbit living in hobbiton. Now I can't really imagine being set in one small commune like place not doing much of anything.

  42. When I was in Okinawa I used to get them at vending machines and supermarkets

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