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  1. Been using Strenght as my main move on Swampert in Alpha Sephire. You don't get Waterfall until much later and it doesnt learn proper physical stab moves through level up until later either. At the 6th gym now and still rocking Strenght

  2. I'd pick Snorlax, Slaking, Purugly and Hariyama, to bait people into thinking you're all Normal, but then come in with a Honchcrow as your ace (fits the hat)

  3. I realized today that Adolin is one of few cosmare protagonists that is a straight up murderer.

  4. "Its fine i can just switch magnezone in to take psychic "

  5. I know, I tried, my knowledge was out of date, sometime between 3rd generation and 8th generation they made it to where it does not work, but it definitely does in the original ruby saphire emerald games (GBA era)

  6. I love how every post about Rothfuss just ends up with people gushing over Sanderson. Gotta love Brando Sando

  7. Its not only the behavior in the trains, but also for example on escalators, where there are literal signs that say, stand on the right, walk on the left. You have always some dumb people just standing on the left side as well basically blocking the whole flow not giving a crap about others. The details are in the micro behavior of the Dutch people overall.

  8. In Maastricht one of the bike bridges is under construction, so there are stairs and a ramp you have to climb now because it's always 'up'. Of course half the people just ignore the stairs and decide its easier to walk on the ramp, nevermind the fact that this makes it impossible to use it with a bike, even if you dismount. The bike will always kinda roll down faster than most people walk. And then they give you shit for hitting their feed.

  9. Adventures NPCs suck just as bad, made even worse by the fact they may randomly decide to just switch away that Super Effective mon they had for when you battle the legendary. That being said, most are still soloable, and with 2 players you almost always make it

  10. You can keep using it so lang as you download it before March next year

  11. Could be Mediamarkt / Saturn if he bought it in a german speaking country

  12. Damn, I preordered from Mediamarkt in the Netherlands but there was nothing about a figurine

  13. Started out kinda wholesome until he mentioned that he wants 2 women and age is just a number

  14. Rq thing to note - Scotch is a capped pikachu, meaning it’s always male. Attract worked on the meowstic, so per Pokémon rules it’s gotta be female, meaning it doesn’t have prankster

  15. How do you know it's capped? Read the whole thing twice but cant figure that out

  16. I do find it interesting that Game Freak have now done a couple of double ups on regional forms. I kinda wrote off Meowth as an exception (given its popularity and that being a potentially fun recurring gag for the anime) but if we're getting Diglett then we may be getting more repeats.

  17. Some species are just more invasive I guess. And that will go doubly so for tapeworm Diglett

  18. That’s almost a weeks worth of background noise for work lol also goes fast at x1.25 speed

  19. Kimono girls had a better setup that Diantha then,no ? Just from reading this haven't played XY

  20. You don't need consent to show your tits. Or, do you? I mean, in america, would that be something that one could call the police for or feel assaulted by?

  21. Never cheated on anyone or with anyone, she always asks everyone in the room. Now that's classy.

  22. Except she does offer Micheal sex when the branch is closing saying she knows he's seeing someone byt is still willing to if he is

  23. Blind Guardian proving they still have it and are also still huge nerds

  24. Into the storm and Mirror Mirror are my favorites also Bard Song.

  25. You might like Colossus too then, they have a song called The Mountain That Rides which slaps, along with a bunch of other fantasy/sci-fi/myth inspired songs. Wendigo is great from them

  26. You must be the only person in the world who remembers

  27. Wait do you guys not call it brekky outside of Canada?

  28. I only know of 'maccy' for McDonalds, and that sounds terrible too haha. Had never heard 'brekky' before. Then again my country isn't English speaking, so we're not too likely to abbreviate breakfast. Fun to learn new things, but what a terrible thing to learn.

  29. Who the hell is this Jaiden everyone talks about all of a sudden

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