American Cornhole Competition

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Better Call Saul S06E10 - "Nippy" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. Hence why I despise cornhole everytime I go to a party and it's all anyone wants to play. It's so mindless, repetitive, and boring.

  2. Rage hit the stage right at 9:15, Killing in The Name started at 10:45, we were out the door at 10:57, only know because we had a sitter. Metro out is definitely an option.

  3. Runs until midnight. We caught the 11:30 from Metro Center and there was still one last car 18 minutes behind it.

  4. A little over 1700bbs, 1/2 at Foxwoods in 2010. Dude had me covered, dude had the other two aces, I won with a flush.

  5. I thought WWE was TV-14 why did they bleep "God Damn"?

  6. What the fuck is with managers treating their issue like a hot potato to other employees?

  7. She’s home!!!!!!!!!! she came in through the window last night since we left it open and had smelly stuff out for her! Thank you all SO MUCH for your advice, I’ve never been so relieved in my life!

  8. That’s good to know. She’s an indoor baby so I hope she can find her way home, but if she goes to the tuna that’s the next best thing! Seriously thank you so much. My heart is wrenching constantly. I’m so worried about her.

  9. Pat Healy!! He’s a great actor, check out some of his smaller roles (Cheap Thrills is a great, fucked up movie)

  10. One sleepless night during the lockdown, I caught a movie called American Woman that he was in that was really, really good.

  11. We are talking years ago but my brother in law bet on the Red Sox in 2007 before the season started with a vegas ticket and when they won, he had to fly back out there to claim the prize. He won a big chunk so it was worth it, but still a pain in the ass altogether.

  12. With a physical ticket, you have to save the ticket and fly back. The house loves these bets. If you placed the bet online from an app in Nevada, you have to fly back to Nevada to interact with the app for cashing out a price on a bet or withdrawing should you be profitable with it.

  13. You can mail sports book tickets into Vegas for redemption. Just need to follow the instructions on the back carefully.

  14. Weed guy here that has grown personally and professionally over the last 20 years. Long story short, there are so many of these spots because the markups are INSANE right now due to the Trump Farm Bill that legalized commercial hemp. With this has come two enormous loopholes.

  15. Why post a link like that if you won’t say who’s being sued, what they did to be sued, and who’s suing them. For all I know, I could be donating to the legal defense if one of the January 6th witnesses

  16. No issues at all in Centreville for me.

  17. Sports betting is such a cancer. The sports talk radio station I listen to runs betting segments constantly ever since it was legalized in the state and the marketing tie in with FanDuel is so blatantly pathetic. It's worse than the football fantasy shit. Also have new casinos going up and you can't go anywhere without tripping over those sad little video slots machines. I remember when gambling was seen as degenerate. Now everyone loves it.

  18. How FanDuel and DraftKings still exist at all, let alone pivot to straight sports betting after the Daily Fantasy scandal is one of the biggest what the fucks in American business history the last 25 years.

  19. what’s the daily fantasy scandal

  20. Long story short, employees were using information from their site to set rosters on the other.

  21. This administration has had weeks to prepare after the leak for this moment and they fucking bunted.

  22. This is 1,000,000% not the speech needed at this time.

  23. $5k back in the day, was swapping from PS to FTP and dude wanted me to register for a sit and go to show funds and instead of a 6max that had 0/6 entrants, I opened a HU lobby and got instasat in and smoked.

  24. Judge Luttig had some convincing testimony I just wish he didn't speak .... so ..... damn .... slowly. I seriously forgot the question halfway into his answers.

  25. DOJ wrote to the select committee yesterday saying the committee is hampering criminal invsetigations by their "failure" to provide witness transcripts. This is not their first request.

  26. Celtics fans acting like Miami fans rn 🤣

  27. Miami fans left in the 3rd you muppet.

  28. Assuming most car vacations are under 300 miles away, what's $70 when your spending $1500+ on a place?

  29. Chad's getting every cent of what he's paying for.

  30. There are presently ZERO reasons why anyone in the US should be on this platform anymore.

  31. Same, it's all Strike, they just want you to click the referral link so they get $10. They are not looking to lend you anything. They are also in violation of Strike's T&C against spamming. I've been sending the links chatted to me directly to

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