1. Is it that bad to move the PS5 from room to room with the game disc still inside?

  2. It's the intensity director. It can spawn enemies where you wouldn't expect them and is the reason why there are still enemies in previously cleared areas.

  3. Oh wow TIL. Yeah I don’t remember the original dead space being this scary as a teen…

  4. I totally ignored the witcher event. Any rewards that are worth getting from doing them? I don't play much anymore, just log on for some weekly stuff like Brel nowadays.

  5. The emotes are (subjectively) worth it, and the cards are worth it if you're not LWC 12 or LoS 18+

  6. 650 dollars a year for oil changes? There are no scheduled maintenance for fluids or anything else until well over 80k miles. 6 tire rotations a 5k miles each. You'll need new tires and rotations are usually complimentary as well as flat repair.

  7. So I'd need to drive roughly 40k miles a year to cover the cost I pay for oil changes alone huh. Guess it's def not worth it. Thanks for the insight.

  8. Cool that you guys play together and have gone all the way to clown. Grats

  9. Must be rare for this kinda thing. Seems really fun and nice actually to have a static but that static be your family or close friends.

  10. maintenance plan is garbage, if it only covers oil changes you are getting gypped. an oil change takes, what maybe an hour and 35-40 bucks with the filter. the warranty seems more worth it but then again its an acura I doubt you will use it if at all for any major issues. I had an m3 2016 and I owned it for 6 years till it got totaled and I never even got to use my mechanical breakdown ins. (its like extended warranty with $250 deductible) Also I went with my brother buying his first car (integra) and sales man was selling him the same pacakges he was about to sign the contract when I was like wtf hold up. you don't need that shit and he took it off. If I wasn't there he would of gotten gypped.

  11. Yeah I got suckered in. But at least I can cancel both if I wanted to. I’ll talk to them again soon and see my options.

  12. Might as well just keep them since you already have them, or just keep one. If your car payments become too expensive then just refinance your car

  13. Yeah it’s more a peace of mind thing since I’m planning to keep this car for long term and I drive 50-100 miles a day for work…

  14. Damn, now that you mention it, I bet they’ll fix it. I think you might have been the first person in the world to say something. Thank you!

  15. Yeah bro, would be worse if the fight blocked further story progress.

  16. Anyone remember how this works? I did 3 new playthroughs and did not have to fight the guardian ape fight again in the cave to progress to the endings.

  17. If you do Guardian Ape before you go to Mibu Village and do the Corrupted Monk then your path will be blocked by the Headless Ape + wife

  18. Ohhhh right. I did corrupted monk first before killing guardian ape for the first time for all my subsequent playthroughs.

  19. You could use your gift card to buy a PS/Xbox/Steam card (whatever platform you're using) and then buy it digitally. But I understand that's not ideal if you were wanting a physical copy.

  20. Wait big brain moment similar. I just bought a Best Buy gift card with the Amazon gift card lol. The Best Buy is near me and they have release date pick up!

  21. Yeah, I cancelled my Amazon preorder when I got the email saying it would be delivered on the 31st, despite putting it in as soon as they opened them up.

  22. Yup I was able to preorder it a few days ago after the gift card conversion. I’ll be picking it up today! It already says it’s ready for pickup since yesterday lol

  23. im was planning on buying the keyboard in the next few days, did it turn out to be a common thing or was it a one time issue?

  24. I can’t say for others but it became more common the more I used it. I think it lasted a good year before the unresponsive keys bothered me enough to get a new keyboard.

  25. Yeah I’d say it’s more like Nioh. It’s definitely not the traditional fromsoftware playstyle formula. People say it’s like a rhythm game and I agree.

  26. I would actually suggest the Integra especially the A-SPEC or A-SPEC Tech. Basically the same car but with 20 more HP and with Acura styling and quality. The A-SPEC Tech tops out at $37K which is above your $35K budget but still way bellow what your originally intended to pay, yet you are getting a "luxury" brand, granted Acura isn't your traditional luxury and no matter how you spin it the Integra "luxury" wise doesn't hold a candle to the Germans let alone a Lexus. The A-SPEC Tech is notable since you get slightly better audio (ELS vs Bose), active dampeners, larger touch screen, suede seating, and again more horse power. Like others have said, Integras are going for MSRP and Civics pretty much of all variants have been going above MSRP

  27. Crazily enough I scheduled next week to go to Acura to purchase the Integra! That was after weeks of research and visiting dealerships. What a coincidence lol. After checking out all the cars under the $40k price range my favorite was the Integra by far. It’s not fast obviously but it looks amazing exterior and interior, has all the safety features I want and more, drives awesome (IMO anyways). Never owned an Acura so looking forward to it.

  28. Awesome. DP=down payment. I am a long term Acura buyer and while I was disappointed by the Integra for other reasons it’s still a heck of a car considering it’s bellow $40k but insane if you know the history of the Integra let alone the ILX. I would have suggested the Mazda 3 Hatch Turbo AWD which is probably just as “luxurious” just with a Mazda badge but it’s styling is so polarizing.

  29. Thanks! Yeah the Mazda 3 was also on my list but I didn’t really like it much. I hate the hatch look and the sedan version is quite rare around here. Even still, it isn’t as nice IMO but I can see why people think the interior has the luxury feel. I wonder about their resale value as well 5+ years from now.

  30. Basically lol. I played it on and off. I beat the game in 2019 for my first playthough.

  31. How is the OTD that low? Are you including all taxes and fees?

  32. Oh oops nope I guess I’m misinterpreted what OTD meant but it’s just the final sales price without TTL

  33. Also February. I'm keeping an eye on the market until it arrives, but it's close enough to MSRP that I won't feel bad if it's still the best I can do by then.

  34. What color did you decide on for the civic? My favorite is the sonic gray

  35. Next you're going to tell me pheons only exist for them to make money too.

  36. Wtf no way… I thought this was game F2P!!

  37. The used car market is definitely getting back to normal at a better rate than the new car market, but they're both getting better

  38. I never bought a new car before but when you say the new car market is getting better... do you mean finding a new car for no mark ups? I've been holding off on a new car even though I do need one soon (been saving).

  39. how long is the witcher event to complete the questline?

  40. 1 Lego card… weakened Kakul saydon

  41. This alone is enough for me to make a Slayer class lmfao. Vykussy is bae!

  42. Aside from the slayers bigger boobies you can already make a preset with Vykas’s other assets like her face, eyes, and hair.

  43. How?! I see wings, wtf?! I need slayer out, NOW!

  44. We’ll all be waiting for a long time :( I wouldn’t even be surprised if she doesn’t release this year. Or maybe they’ll save her for the December event who knows.

  45. The thing is, Isshin is on deaths door but he’s still an unrivaled badass. The interior ministry is only attacking BECAUSE he’s dying. It’s no coincidence that the full invasion only begins AFTER he dies.

  46. I thought Isshin wasn’t immortal until the very last boss fight? Was he aware of genechiro’s plan to make him immortal after he has already died?

  47. I believe most people get the Immortal Severance ending first, if they are not looking for guides or something for Purification.

  48. oh snap you're right... i just googled it again and no wonder I'm missing 2 prayer beads. 2 are from getting that ending.

  49. At that price range, the best sound systems are: ELS audio in late-model Acuras, Bose in late-model Mazdas, and Mark Levinson in Lexus’.

  50. I was looking at the 2023 Integra that had the ELS audio. It’s gonna run me $38k though. How much better than that over the top trim Mazda 3 for $35k with the Bose?

  51. I don’t think you’ll be unhappy with either. My friend has a Mazda3 with the Bose and it sounds great. I’ve never been in an Integra, but I’ve heard in several reviews that the systems in both cars are fantastic - and more importantly accurate - sound systems, especially for the price.

  52. Thanks for the detailed response! I was actually able to find an Acura dealership that offers MSRP OTD, no markup and no BS dealer add on package. They are only keeping this until Feb 1st, where they will be adding dealer add ons (idk if this is true or they’re just trying to sell me the car asap lol).

  53. It is a really really fun car to drive! Personally I wouldn't add all the swag to it, try out the less expensive model and see how it feels.

  54. I heard Mazda had good value for what you’re paying for at the time, but they have poor resale value? Did things change?

  55. I drive a model 3 for home care about 125-150 miles a day. For me it’s been great. I live in an apt that only charges $35/month to charge. I put my schedule into my phone which syncs with the car so when I finish with one patient it automatically puts in the address for my next one. It’s been easy to make calls to doctors and patients as I drive. I also live on Long Island and traffic can be rough but with the self drive feature (which I probably trust more than I should) stop and go traffic is much more relaxing.

  56. Awesome! So you never had to charge with the chargers in the road? I’d like to avoid that during my work days since I’ll be installing a charger at my house.

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