1. Damn so he’ll miss the 49ers and bengals game

  2. This season has made me want to quit watching the Bucs. It’s so frustrating knowing that we have talent to compete and the coaches can’t put the players into positions to win. Not even that the coaches are actively putting the players in the wrong positions to win.

  3. We’ll make the playoffs and get creamed by Dallas round 1 lol

  4. And how did not running the ball work out at the end of the game for us?

  5. Okay if you think we should just keep running for 1-2 yards everytime than we would’ve gotten beat WAY worse than what we did

  6. It can’t be worse than what we have lmaoooooo

  7. Unfortunately our brain dead owners won’t fire them until probably some time next season. But by that point Brady will be gone, evans will be 30 and will start to decline soon. And we will just have a old roster that goes 7-10.

  8. Realistically do you guys think their will be a coaching change?

  9. Any offensive lineman except wirfs this is not good

  10. Shaq mason has been pretty decent this season

  11. Infinite warfare is my favorite zombies in cod. Even better than bo1, bo2

  12. Factsssss I be waking up at 7 and the games usually don’t start til 1 🥲

  13. Imagine if we signed Odell over gage

  14. Is he playing for sure? I know he was dealing with a foot injury.

  15. We probably won’t know until 90 minutes before kickoff when inactives get announced

  16. I would’ve been okay with it if Deshaun never played in the NFL again after what he did

  17. Can Brady still make the pro bowl?

  18. So basically chiefs fans are just crybabies?

  19. Some of my buddies that are Niner fans are tailgating. I'm just crashing it lol.

  20. I didn't even know she was pissed at Lee in the comics! This comic just became 10x worst for me. What the heck is Tillie Walden even thinking!?

  21. Wanna know where the comics take place? Vermont Guess where Tillie Walden is from?

  22. The actor that plays him is great

  23. Oscar is more valid, he died at Woodbury, didn't he?

  24. Yeah he and Axel were with the group the longest

  25. The comics are a true masterpiece

  26. No that’s a bad idea just bc I love Ezekiel. And you can’t have a tv show without death and conflict. Let’s let Ezekiel live in peace being a leader of 50,000 people 😌

  27. Very grateful this gun isn’t in mw2 lol

  28. I’m excited for white just as much as anyone but there’s been a lot of games this year he’s just been really bad. So if Lenny is out expect a lot of passing next game

  29. There's been a lot of games Fournette has looked awful in too, in fact I'd say he hasn't looked good since week 1. There's a good reason Fournette wasn't the lead back against Seattle, him being out shouldn't change that gameplan a whole lot.

  30. Just because i said White has been bad majority of the season doesn’t mean im saying Lenny has been good. He’s been worse than white lol. But im saying regardless of who plays the running game Is a problem and it needs to improve if we wanna win a SB

  31. Because it is, comparing it to all the other cod games with campaigns that I've beaten (BO1-3, AW&IW, WW2, Ghosts, and CW) Ghosts is one of the best IMO.

  32. Wrong lmao. Ghosts campaign is one of the worst. Combined with the cliff hanger ending its not even worth playing

  33. The cliffhanger ending is what makes the players want a second one, as for the campaign, I, along with several others, agree that it was good, damn good as a matter of fact, and we're entitled to our own opinion, cause if they make a sequel, you don't have to buy it if you feel like it won't be worth playing, that's why I didn't buy Black Ops 4, because I feel like its ass, yet others enjoy it, I'm not gonna shit on em for it.

  34. Okay but you’re the same guy who said “Because it is” 🤓🤓🤓🤓. I along with several others agree that it was fucking terrible. Damn shitty as a matter of fact, and we’re entitled to our own opinion cause if they make a sequel I’ll buy it and burn and send it to you.

  35. He’s right. We control our destiny. But out of Brady’s 3 years here this is the least confident I’ve been lol

  36. I only have about 150 Xbox and PlayStation games combined lol so I’m impressed

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