The Last of Us 2 is "one of the greatest games ever made", according to The Russo Brothers

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  1. "... Is in a world of trouble... Or so it would seem"

  2. Reminds me of a turtle having an orgasm

  3. If you look at his goatee upside down it looks like a haircut

  4. I used to. For context, lost both parents to cancer while I was a teen, became homeless after that, and after that got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This has been a struggle from age 12 to age 27 and am 30 now. Really felt like I could not find peace anywhere, but that has finally started happening. Just gotta keep on keeping on!

  5. Do other promotions do weird shit like this?

  6. One more time by daft punk Would really be the perfect song in the event of a meteorite crashing to earth, and we all just dance for the last time.

  7. Voice acting on this game is shit. No personality at all, you can clearly see they are reading a script.

  8. Rykards VA stood uit so much I got chills. Also the way Godrick screams "bare witness" is some believable VA

  9. Now that you say it, he reminds me of that flamboyant guy in Hunger Games

  10. Lake of Rot, part of Ranni's questline

  11. T'was 40+ here in the Netherlands 2 years ago (also 3 years ago). It's f all weather, just lay down and don't die.

  12. Most of the time I'm right about having to pinpoint a song or movie to a release date, sometimes off by a year. Have to say I have the worst memory so I'm always baffled myself.

  13. I've just remembered that a few days ago my profile picture was deleted somehow and I had to reapply it. Maybe this is Youtube being slow to show the delete profile picture and now it will take a few days to show my reuploaded one again? I know it can take a few days for a new pfp to show in the search bar because I changed mine half a month ago and it took a few days to start showing in the feeds

  14. Mine was just gone from one moment to another, so there's a bug on their end.

  15. I just uploaded a picture through YouTube on Android directly and it worked.

  16. I'm not one for believing in mumbo jumbo, but some years ago I ate my first Tony Chocolonely bar, and loved it so much I told everyone around me about it (mouth to mouth conversations). For some days all the ads on every platform I own were about said chocolate bar. Who knows, maybe the microphone is always listening for keywords, only for products (at least for now).

  17. Same problem here, must be a bug then. Hope they fix it, because my profile picture is gone for everyone.

  18. That's just an old photo of O'Malley

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