Summer 2022 Transfers and Rumours Megathread

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  1. Welcome to the Premier League, it's the most watched because it's the most unpredictable and entertaining. On paper we batter them all day long but teams (even great ones) have off days.

  2. Looking forward to our 6 month off day ending any second now, cheers bud

  3. Believe it or not we're actually not as good as many people seem to think. I can't see how anyone believes we'll be qualifying for Europe season after season, only to be 'surprisingly' let down.

  4. That’s a lot of words to say “even though it’s the managers fault I’m not going to blame the manager”.

  5. He is wrong. Bailey hasn't done a damn thing to warrant a start. Look at his pathetic goal ratio in the Premier League with us.

  6. So, given that you think everyone else is even worse, what have they done to warrant a start over Bailey?

  7. Cool, so one of our only good players wants to leave.

  8. Can anyone explain how that wasn’t a penalty? Apart from the obvious

  9. If the Digne handball is a penalty, then that’s a penalty.

  10. I'm not a huge fan of leagues just deciding to include factors that have been removed from the real rules, but here's why:

  11. Literally Digne penalty last week, this is bullshit haha

  12. Villa hero? He pushed for a move to Liverpool after his first successful season with us, fell out with the management team because they wanted to keep him here. Got a move to ‘Boro and talked about them as a bigger club than Villa. Tried 5 years ago to convince Grealish to sign for ‘Boro.

  13. Tbh I forgot all about that, I just have such nostalgia for watching that Villa side he was in as a kid.

  14. That’d be fun, would 42000 people come to Birmingham for this?

  15. I hope so, but the social media team always do random stuff like this that usually means nothing.

  16. Trying to stay positive, but if I’m being honest I can’t see anything other than a West Ham win.

  17. We're officially in the last week of the transfer window. What does everyone expect to happen?

  18. Bednarek is picking up noise… so there’s that I guess.

  19. Cheeky Friday afternoon signing out of nowhere to show off the new kit?…

  20. Like I said I don’t agree with booing, I wouldn’t call it normal. It’s not often you see other teams supporters booing the team when they’re 1-0 down at half time. It is pretty toxic tbf.

  21. I meant it is normal for villa fans, not normal in the grand scheme of things. Villa fans are notoriously fickle.

  22. Big big fan personally, love black and gold as a combination.

  23. Depends because Blackburn want nearer to £15-£20m for him and there’s a lot of clubs who have been linked to him recently.

  24. Supposedly we inquired and Blackburn wanted over £25m.

  25. That is an insane price for him, he doesn’t want to sign a new contract either. I think he’ll go for £10-£15m if there’s a bidding war for him with all these clubs rumoured to be in for him.

  26. We’ll see. Not sure how concrete those rumours are (as it makes no sense that we’d be after a championship striker to replace Watkins, Ings and Archer) but that was the noise.

  27. To me it seems like a good player to strenghten the squad, can play on both wings, has experience and is not too old. This last year he wasn't great for Villa and Everton but the season before he got 10 goals in the premier league (a fair few being penalties).

  28. Don’t let his last season fool you, he can still do a job at the top level.

  29. I been saying he’s not the same he was since his injury in the first season back, somehow he hoodwinks everyone including the managers into thinking the answer

  30. Oh wow yeah, I kind of forgot all about that but you’re right.

  31. I know pundits will go on about the Newcastle project under the new rich owners like this was destined to happen, but we were supposed to be doing it first and had a 2 year head start on them.

  32. We havent fucked it, we can turn it around... I'm just not sure that it will be possible with Gerrard at the helm.

  33. I suppose if you look at Man Utd, they used to own the world and now they’re a shadow of what they were, so there’s always a chance - even in the modern era.

  34. No, but they’re going to try and develop the surrounding area and the Villa way (similar to Wembley way), Villa live (similar to BoxPark) and community hub are ways they’re trying to do so.

  35. Look at the squad Gerrard inherited vs the squad Howe inherited.

  36. Are you telling me that John McGinn shouldn’t be playing as a left back!?

  37. Do you have standards? How can you give our transfer window 8/10 even if we had Carlos available? I dread to think how bad our transfer window would be for you to give it a 1/10.

  38. How do you feel that we can't sell our assets Sanson & Traore (around £30m in total) and that we have to send them on loan with no option to buy just to free up wages? There's also other players like AEG we can't seem to shift.

  39. It’s a great shame, but injuries kept both of them out for almost a year each (at different times), and that’s going to both drastically affect their transfer value and their fitness.

  40. Yeah, that definitely wasn’t an OG, was already on target and was only helped in.

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