1. In all honesty it’s tough to start the season away? Against a top 3 Cy young candidate, team with a good defense, and top 5 bullpen in baseball

  2. Just wait till the weather warms up and then the offense will get going!

  3. I'd be over the moon if the tigers could land a major Japanese star they always seem to pick a coast

  4. FuboTV is carrying Bally Sports Detroit (although now bankrupt) but that will be the only way to watch them unless you find an illegal stream

  5. Is there any channel or site to watch these games on?

  6. Only if you have MLB At bat subscription and watch the Phillies TV broadcast. IMO not worth it, just listen to Dan Dickerson on the radio

  7. Alright, I’m doing it. I’m drinking the Kool Aid. This team will be the 2021 Boston Red Sox and we will win 90+ games and go to the playoffs

  8. I got it to work by converting the vimms lair one from nkit to regular iso. Here’s a link to it on google drive if you want it already converted:

  9. Just saying Juan Soto was ranked as the 25th best international prospect in 2015. At the end of the day most of these guys are still lottery tickets, it all comes down to the right people handling player development, so who knows maybe we can win the lottery with someone in this class

  10. Pretty even trade tbh, good work Harris

  11. The only spending that makes sense for this team is for someone like Carlos Rodon and Contreras.

  12. Hes 26, won an MVP, and he has a really good card in MLB The Show so l say we still take him

  13. If you want defense in center, Kevin Kiermeier is also available and probably will hit the same as Bellinger for a fraction of the price. Or we could give the playing time to the already better (all-around) Riley Greene and look for a corner bat that actually improves us. Bellinger on the tigers makes zero sense for us and given there’s going to be plenty of teams out there who think like you do that he can be rehabilitated, he’s going to have much better offers to consider anyway. The blue jays make massive sense for him, or even resigning in LA for less money. He’s not coming here and we have more than enough crap hitters playing here.

  14. Kevin Kiermeier can’t Stay healthy hes not worth it for an aging guy who can’t stay on the field

  15. It’s so depressing that we literally had an inept GM who could not trade the best LHP on the market

  16. If I know Al he offered up Chafin for Judge straight up and hung up the phone after Cashman hung up the phone

  17. You forgot to mention Al prolly Asked for Anthony Volpe too

  18. I mean Al hired Ryan Garko who has a huge role in the organization from the Dodgers

  19. Not gonna give him all the credit for that, considering it happened 1 year before he was canned, I give Hinch more credit for that

  20. So Hinch gets credit while Avila is here and now Harris gets credit cause he’s here? Who hired Hinch?

  21. I said I’m not going to give him all the credit.

  22. He will be on the team, would be very bitter sweet for him to hang up the cleats after not playing at all the 2nd half of this year (yes I know it was because of health)

  23. I think (with proper payer development) Jung can be in detroit by 2024 not 2025. It’s Sad to see Cristian Santana plummet to 11th overall prospect in our system thought

  24. It had a very niche audience and wasn’t doing too good for listeners. Which makes sense because it was a Detroit/Michigan podcast not many ppl are gonna listen to it.

  25. Using David Chadd and Dave Littlefield to be his head scout and leader in player development

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