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  1. In my area seviper doesn't spawn, we have had two events where they had both zangoose and seviper at the same time but they are never that long so i have next to no chance of finding a servicer. I do have a fee zangoose though

  2. Breath is pronounced breth. Breathe is pronounced Breeth. Minor difference but very common mistake Edit- autocorrect fixed my phonetic spelling

  3. Then why don’t we just spell it that way already. I hate the English language.

  4. Ths game s fun, wanna get nvolved. T's mpressve how many people are playng along.

  5. No idea what that is. Birds don't have externally visible reproductive organs so that is puzzling

  6. It's not that hard, anybody can do it. Just pick words that don't contain that symbol. Basic solution.

  7. NNN is a bad concept, it used to be movember (keep a teacher through the month to raise awareness of prostate cancer) and now people are making it a challenge to not masturbate through the month which is bad for prostate health

  8. Wtf does pressed mean in this context. I have no clue. Doesn't matter I can't answer his question because I'm not the type of guy gay guys hit on

  9. My streak is at over 15 years of no hugs. It's a combination of nobody in my life and me not being comfortable initiating physical contact with other people.

  10. I want a mecha-snorlax, I didn't even know it had a mecha evolution.....

  11. Not sure why you can’t recollect them in Pokémon go as I believe that is the only game you can miss, but it the main games you never miss the Pokémon just break out so the reason you can’t collect those balls is because the Pokémon breaks the ball. Maybe they should add a element to the game where you collect the broken pieces and can repair or recycle them some where.

  12. You could stay that the balls received from spinning a stop are the balls that other trainers have thrown that missed/failed to catch and the reason you don't get the balls straight back is because some other trainer received them

  13. I've only ever had one appear too and it ran after 1 throw. For that matter, every pokemon that appears with that incense has been blah. Nothing special.

  14. Boo for rare spawns being hard to find..... but yay for your username,, as a cyclist I like to see people keeping an eye out

  15. When it's about to be used for fun times, yeah. Any other time it's inconvenient

  16. That some men are truly emotional, have good fashion sense, enjoy cooking and cleaning, and take care of themselves and others.

  17. I am not one of those guys, not that I think it's effeminate at all I just am very lazy

  18. I am 6'2" and have only met/seen maybe 4 people taller than me (in person, I know there are taller people out there but they're rare)

  19. Two different thoughts popped into my head when I saw this. First that she must have such a bad back.... and second was, is she going to motorboat her own tiddies

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