1. It just kinda sped up the process of an inevitable war. But it doesn’t really matter if it was necessary since Erens goal was world destruction. And I agree with him on some days lol.

  2. Oh good, more adult Harry Potter-fans who think that "flawed characters" mean things like "they're clumsy," that fantasy-settings should represent the author's idealized world "because it's fantasy," and whinge about the "new" phenomena of fantasy-tropes being "deconstructed" as if it hasn't been going on since even before Dungeons&Dragons existed with writers like Michael Moorcock.

  3. What tropes were deconstructed? I’m asking out of curiosity no hate.

  4. She needed to be more developed for being the main love interest of the hero

  5. I think Bloodraven/three eyed crow has a secret plot. Idk about secret identity. Why is the fandom so fascinated by secret identities? It becomes meaningless if a lot of characters have them.

  6. I don’t think marriage was the goal there, he was obviously influenced by prophecy to make third head of azor ahai and would continue to be obsessed with it if they were married.

  7. Guys be honest do you actually want the Reiner letter sniffing, Armin thanking Eren and Eren saying idk why I did the rumbling to stay there like wtf. At least remove those. And explain the Ymir connection to Mikasa more clearly. I hope it’s not a direct adaptation.

  8. I dislike Armin post time skip in cannon and I also dislike Armin in the fanfic

  9. Well I liked him pre time skip lol. I even cried for his ‘death’.

  10. Eren wanted to be stopped so no he didn’t betray him. But Armin himself has said that he did betray the island and that he doesn’t consider himself a good person. You can make your own judgement ofcourse.

  11. Yep and I get downvoted when I say this sub and titanfolk are two sides of the same coin

  12. they became obsessed with the idea that this sub is the equivalent of YB for Ending defenders, even though that's clearly pisstoria's role. and AoR users do the same, because they think they're in a higher moral ground. One of the reasons i changed the sub setting to look like a normal sub, instead of a sub trying to be the right side constantly

  13. As someone who loves Mikasa but dislikes the ending it’s quite weird to be in these subs lol. And holy shut I just looked at the pisstoria sub and is it satire or are people that fucking weird.

  14. I agree with the fist paragraph. But I don’t understand how you could think of Eren as a nationalist when he’s clearly depicted as being distant from the likes of Floch. Idk how anyone can read the series and come to the conclusion that Eren wants an Eldian Empire or something.

  15. Depends on how important Rhaegar will be and how bad the threats of the others will be. The ends justify the means type of situation. There’s definitely more to the kidnapping for sure.

  16. The art is pretty amazing. The writing is questionable but considering it’s non profit idk why people are hating on it. It’s good quality fanfic.

  17. I absolutely hate that panel it’s beyond creepy. Needs to be removed in the anime. Reiner didn’t deserve that ending. And he’s supposedly isayamas favorite huh? I don’t buy it.

  18. At least it’s more creative than the usual “Snape was bad dude/ Sirius was bully/ Dumbledore evil etc.

  19. Fandoms when morally grey characters exist: 🤯🤯🤯

  20. Technically yes you should. You could also save your DNA from saliva in a cup or something.

  21. Well if we're following the shows logic, Rhaegar's marriage to Elia was annulled, which would make Aegon a bastard retrospectively.

  22. But let’s think, what would that achieve (for the story in the books)? If Dany needs someone to rival her claim to the throne Aegon can already do that. And if there needs to be a Stark on the throne in the end Bran will be the King so he will fulfill that role. The only reason Jon needs to be heir is if for some reason a bastard cannot fight the others. It’s heavily implied that Rhaegar conceived Jon because of a prophecy, unless ‘the prince that was promised’ needs to legit be a prince I don’t see any reason for him to care. I think the more important thing for Rhaegar is Jon’s specific bloodline rather than his title if he is his son. Makes sense?

  23. Well personal peeve that's the wrong sigil because Ravenclaw's bird isn't actually a raven but an Eagle

  24. Yesss. The ravenclaw refers to the color of the eagles claw being black. Sadly merch gets it wrong. But I don’t buy anyway oh well.

  25. I kind of agree but are we certain that this will happen in the books as well?

  26. Idk but if the white walkers turn out the same as the show it doesn’t matter anyways

  27. I say no way it’s the same as the show especially if the whole Targeryan dynasty has been worried about producing something that could defeat the others, it would render the backstory useless

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