1. but arsenal won't reach the 86th points you got in 16/17 so it doesn't matter

  2. TAA & Robertson in one team, Kane over Haaland, Bailey and Neto

  3. 263, i had "better" total benched points in previous seasons tbf so i'm not angry

  4. He hasnt had a clean sheet in 7 games in a row now. 10 total for the entire season and he averages very few saves per game. Still dont know why so many has transferred him in

  5. well i owned him since the worldcup and then got him again in the wildcard, i don't know about everyone else but for me it's because i'm stupid.

  6. mitoma scored off the bench many times so let's hope for one more, mac allister benched is harsh though .. rough start for the dgw

  7. It's very scary not owning Kane at the moment.

  8. we need a support thread for those who are tired of support threads :D

  9. they are playing vs brentford at home like tbey played vs madrid away ? that's just weird

  10. Haaland will be the answer for 4 out of 6 of these questions for everyone. Really like the idea

  11. lol i had the same realization when i was typing, it is haaland's year for everyone.

  12. There are sites/apps which effectively do this (check tools section of this sub), but I agree its something that the official site should implement. Wouldn't be too difficult but definitely would add something to the game. Feel like FPL can still step it up with their marketing tbh.

  13. yes it is but it's not because he blanked twice, there are better options from now on and that's it.

  14. i really think ward-prowse is a shout, bournemouth concede alot from set pieces.

  15. there are a few punts that didn't work as well. gakpo, jesus, crystal palace mids, solanke and many more.

  16. Think I’m the only one with Mitchell - the fixtures for Crystal Palace are fantastic and can’t really blame the form because of how bad their last 10 fixtures have been. Confident palace will get 2 cleans in the next 4

  17. isn't fulham more appealing though with 2 home games if you're going for something different ?

  18. I’m not free hitting in gw32 and slowly bringing in replacement and should have at least 10 players and may even field just 10 so I don’t have to replace rashford Haaland + 2 Brighton.

  19. trippier is already in most teams, Do you think a double up on thier defence is a good option for the next 3 GWs ?

  20. i sold mcneil and tarkowski for -4 and benched odeegard and white .. i'm on a green arrow but the points that i lost in the process is ruining the gw for me

  21. At least Man United conceded 2 let than Bournemouth against Liverpool cries as a Man United fan

  22. holy shit, you just reminded me that liverpool won 9-0 in the first leg against bournemouth

  23. As a United fan I just think it’s only 3 points ….it’s only 3 points….

  24. tbf you bring up the 8-2 vs arsenal all the time too

  25. brighton scored twice in the last 3 league games againt bournemouth, fulham and crystal palace and only kept one clean sheet yet people are getting 2 mids and a defender.

  26. I'm saving my chips for next season. Should give me a big advantage trying to break the top 5 mil in the world with more chips than the rest of the player base.

  27. Also, pulling it now, there is no need for any transfers. Almost certainly we will be sitting on 2 free transfers come GW29 to handle any unforseen circumstances

  28. what is your wildcard team if i may ask ? feel free not to share if you want though.

  29. Everything is new because it was built specifically for the WC not for its people…

  30. there was already a plan called qatar 2030 that included most of the new infrastructure, the world cup made them work faster towards the plan.

  31. They’re going to go right after the US. No reason to be defensive is his thinking

  32. well the US didn't really show anything to be scared of in thier first game but still i always considered southgate a cautious manager

  33. i don't think he should replace mount or change how he played against iran, i just assumed he would based on his choices before

  34. Just beat England and it gets more simple

  35. i mean usa struggled against wales and england is way more pragmatic under southgate than any other time, there is a chance for an upset of course but i don't see it happening imo "i'm not american nor english btw, it's just a neutral pov"

  36. If we lose to England we could beat Iran a still not get through.

  37. only if wales win against england and get a result with more goal difference than the one england will get against usa, it will be complicated.

  38. yeah looks like it's gonna be the match of the group, the bright side is england won't take it easy on wales as they don't really like to lose against them so i guess the winner of usa vs iran will go to the next round.

  39. They won't becuase it's just propaganda, if they really cared about the cause they wouldn't have participated in the fisrt place. No world cup would happen without the 13 european nations.

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