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  1. Found the stencil image on the subreddit. Decided to photoshop the new logo on a road case. Now I wanna make one.

  2. Dang, how much did you make, and I think I’ll stick to selling crap to my neighbours lol. Don’t feel like wasting my life on this. I’ve only played and worked for fun for the past 2 or 3 years and I’m only at 25.

  3. Don’t know if I can have this too. It has 10 upvotes which is more than the other and it has a different angle.


  5. Noice, I just started playing, how do you get the animatronics in the back?

  6. With how akward these faces are, the edging services joke, 182, blink, the link. This must a be a poster.

  7. Nice, if you’ve seen or been to magic mountain there is that west coast racers type area that would be fun in here.

  8. I was researching and apparently there are none left to give out for free :/

  9. I want a nft :( how do I get it

  10. Just keep scrolling on Reddit and you’ll get it with over either 700 or 1000 karma

  11. Maybe a west coast racers theme area with a west coast racers clone that goes through it.

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