1. Why would Bellwhether care if she makes herbivores look bad? She's planning a full on race war, predators having positive opinions on herbivores is off the table from stage one.

  2. Count Dooku is not a Jedi, he's a former Jedi. He abandoned the Jedi order after becoming disillusioned with the Republic and the Jedi, returned to his homeworld, and reclaimed his noble title.

  3. NGL I assumed "Count" was just his first name. Everyone in the GFFA has names like that and everyone uses the full thing rather then calling him Dooku.

  4. Something can only be a worldshattering experience once.

  5. I mean, ok, if I may fanwank: that was the staff of Shazam and as far as I can tell was only used on people who were given powers by Shazam. It makes perfect sense that Shazam's stuff can be used to easily remove the powers granted by Shazam.

  6. I mean… to Christians, the literal savior of the world was a middle eastern Jew….

  7. If I had a penny for every time a theist showed up here with "I have a new and foolproof argument that proves gods existence" and it turned out to just be the cosmological argument again, I would be able to singlehandedly end the cost of living crisis.

  8. Generally, nothing- they're different terms for the same power.

  9. Because the empire is inevitably going to figure out our science and technology eventually.

  10. Because the Christian God is by definition worthy of worship. This is like asking “If Santa Clause existed, what reason would there be to believe that he delivers presents on Christmas?” If the god you’re imagining is not worthy of worship, it is by definition not the Christian God.

  11. Can you not imagine a Santa Clause that doesn't deliver presents to children?

  12. I mean it’s a hypothetical question, and I’m arguing that the hypothetical doesn’t make sense. I don’t think I could imagine a Santa Clause who doesn’t deliver presents. If someone asked me to imagine such a thing, I guess I would assume they wanted me to imagine a fat old man who just lives at the North Pole and wears a red suit… creepy

  13. I guess I'm arguing that "what if our definition of god was slightly inaccurate" or even "what if our definition of god was extremely inaccurate" is a perfectly coherent hypothetical to propose.

  14. That is a fair ideology. Don’t you find it hard to believe that everything we have today came from nothing? Forget the Christian God. You don’t think that another higher being, maybe one we know nothing about through religion, created everything we know and have today. I just find it impossible that something came from nothing.

  15. Honestly? If we get an answer that's easy to believe when discussing events that occurred before time, space, physics and reality existed, we've probably made a mistake.

  16. In my setting people can only cast spells when it would be narratively appropriate. Might as well cut out the middle man.

  17. Where did we even get the information that rivers don’t split? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that in real life

  18. Yeah but TBF real life is very poorly plotted and full of contrivances, it could really do with a beta reader if you ask me.

  19. Bounce back? Probably not. There's a long and hard road ahead for humanity to recover from this.

  20. He's a high-ranking member of government.

  21. Given that the government clearly knew about the superheroed, i assume he was sponsered by them.

  22. SCP 1128 is roughly 40m in length. It has a long, snake-like body that widens in the centre, a wide, flat head and a long tail. Its scales are a deep blue, and its has four eyes, which are yellow. It has a large, shark-like mouth and two frontal limbs ending in sharp webbed claws. It has four powerful fins on its back, two on its head, and two on its tail. It has two long, thin tentacles at the end of its tail.

  23. "I have a faith, you have a glorified D&D campaign, I'd hate to only have fun stories rather then something that actually guides me on how to live" doesn't sound insulting and condescending to you?

  24. The answers actually more simple then it seems- having an omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent character destroys the drama of a narrative. Nothing lowers the stakes quite like establishing that there's a literally undefeatable being on the heroes side who could wave a hand and vaporize the villains any time He likes.

  25. Basically, there are, it's just that the water droplets don't get more surface tension just because the thing they're clinging to is bigger. They're the same size on earth as they are on the water bottle.

  26. I'd actually call it a self-fulfilling prophecy, just in reverse. Knowing the prophecy is what affects whether the prophecy happens.

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