1. today i found out if you open pdfs in microsoft edge you can have an ai read them to you lol makes the learning process a little easier for some tasks! tried to use this feature before in other pdf readers but never worked because they are 'locked' pdfs.

  2. appears i've been disqualified for releasing them for technical issues, if anyone wants to keep this task maybe ignore them instead of releasing :(

  3. there are a lot of layoffs in tech at the moment but a lot of companies are making a point of saying they're re-focussing on AI so I think we're safe given that our work involves improving AI.

  4. been weeks since i've had these so rules might have changed but surely if the anchor has no clear underlying entity it cannot be rated so select relevant option for that

  5. hopefully not as the guidelines are bad and the estimated rating time is balls

  6. wasn't part of this email chain but telus emails i receive are always riddled with glaring spelling errors and outright gibberish so this doesn't surprise me at all

  7. they were sending out emails looking for musically inclined people for new tasks ... i'm guessing not many people signed up for them so we'll all get them lol

  8. Where are you seeing this score? On what platform and page?

  9. Not all map analysts in every locale have a score display, seems to be only some locales.

  10. This is the second week in a row of nonstop 20 second tasks. If I didn't need the money I'd resign.

  11. at least you're getting tasks, lots of map analysts have constant nta right now lol

  12. Major issues getting tasks since they announced unlimited hours :'(

  13. Seems like it's back...just submitted one task with no issue.

  14. back ... but with issues lol, wouldn't be surprised if it goes down for 'scheduled' maintenance again.

  15. As long as you don't leave the country you were hired in, you'll be fine.

  16. Nta here too (EU) started last night when I was just shy of meeting the requirement for the bonus :'(

  17. if anyone else is stuck with these broken road marking annotation tasks I'd appreciate knowing how you go about approaching them lol

  18. Generally it's good practice to match the ETA. If they expect you to do 60 tasks in an hour, do 60 per hour. If you can do it a little quicker, enjoy some downtime in between tasks. My take is doing more tasks per hour deprives others of work and eventually results in you getting flagged by the system/put on review, so it's lose/lose.

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