Kitty Update! This month has been all kittens and mama cats. A month with no casualties or heartache, just goofy kittens and warm kitty love. How I wish all months were like this! And although more kittens and mama kitties mean more mouths to feed and keep healthy, we wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. Being from the Balkans and watching non-Balkan Americans tripping over themselves to defend the ustaše (literally puppets of Nazis/fascists) is not what I had on my agenda today. 🤯

  2. I had a boyfriend who once told me the reason he didn’t want to have sex with me except drunk and with the lights off js because I “wasn’t pretty enough.” It took me around a decade to stop carrying that comment around in my brain.

  3. The piece of shit was with you, so you were clearly attractive for him. That was an abuse tactic and I’m glad you got away from him. I’m glad you’re overcoming his bullshit.

  4. No, it doesn’t. Any legit doctor will also tell you it’s gross and can be harmful as well.

  5. The meth jokes are well founded, if you google Evansville meth lab explosion like 5 stories pop up from within the last 10 years...

  6. That’s all fine and well, but an innocent neighbor was also killed. It’s not funny.

  7. Britney needs to handle her issues privately. She is clearly mentally ill and probably truly cant care for herself. I question if they may have been right for the conservatorship cuz she doesnt seem all there. I hope the best

  8. You do realize that you’re using whatever mental illness she has as an excuse to shut her up… just like the family did. She finally has a voice and is able to air out the hell she went through for over a decade. She may not be the best writer, but she’s trying her best to depict the horrors she experienced being left behind (and financially/mentally abused) by her family.

  9. They're not supposed to be sold after the 18 hour mark but like, they're still edible. You won't get sick from eating a day old Boston cream. The pudding doesn't need refrigerated - but some stores keep it in the walk in

  10. The donuts are packed full of preservatives to keep it from spoiling. They’ll go stale before it’s considered unsafe to eat. The donuts will be fine to eat after being left out overnight, they just won’t have that fresh donut taste.

  11. They didn’t try to do something nice, his mom insisted that they cook because that was her expectation with them living under her roof. They chose to halfass a frozen dinner to show her to keep her expectations low.

  12. I hope writing is part of your day job because this was an excellent read. I laughed throughout it, but for some reason the Alex doesn’t want to scare us with industry specific language sent me cackling. 🤣

  13. Whaaat. Is that the lie he’s going by these days? He claimed to be 39 when we first were forced to watch him.

  14. It wasn't even boring. They both have interesting back stories. They're both single parents, families created very differently. They have a very large age gap (that doesn't seem to make any difference at all in the end). Armando's family wasn't on board, neither was Mexico.

  15. I think the age gap does make a difference considering their major disagreement on having more kids.

  16. I think the healthiest relationships are the ones who chose not to come back to tv and just live their lives (except for people like Mark and poor Nikki, of course).

  17. People in general love them. It’s just these bitter grizzled superhaters here on Reddit that harbor some ancient irrelevant grudge against her so they irrationally hate on both of them. Hilarious to see haters salty and mad now that they are OFFICIALLY the “Best Reality Romance” couple. ❤️🏆🤣😂😂

  18. Imagine marrying someone immediately after meeting and then he turns out like Bilal😬

  19. Hey at least it’s a religious marriage and not a legal one. She could still escape.

  20. “No one’s talking about me, so I’ll talk about me so you’ll think people are talking about me”

  21. I know she’s trying to be funny, but she looks insane. What happened to her lower lip?

  22. I’ve only joined here recently and don’t look at their social media so I really just based it off of the fact that they seem like one of the couples that are actually in love but I’ll have to look into them a little more cause that definitely changes things

  23. Yeah, last year they posted numerous stories and Alexei posted a handful of newsfeed posts defending the IDF and Israeli govt as the death toll was rising. When some of their followers asked, since they’re parents, if children’s lives don’t matter they made it into an anti-Semitic issue (which is really gross because that’s a whole real, but separate issue) and Loren even tried to play it off as “haters hating”. Again, the main question posed to them was “why are you ok with oppression of a whole group of people and children being murdered?” Yeah, sounds just like something that 90DF haters would care about. 🙄

  24. If you’re not an Israeli, you don’t understand. And yes the two are connected whether you like it or not

  25. As a refugee, I couldn’t give less fucks about corrupt Israelis. Thank god there are good Israelis who see how fucked up their government is (as are non-Israeli Jews who are throwing out Palestinians out of their homes) and don’t believe whatever inhumane bullshit you do.

  26. Blaire white is a racist piece of shit who promotes transphobia despite being trans herself. Y'all just proved Shaeeda's point. Lmao.

  27. I’ve never heard of this ugly troll before, but I just googled and… whew. What a sad existence.

  28. That is very transphobic of you...

  29. It’s cute that you think that my intelligence is so low that I’d fall apart at this trolling. 😂

  30. Oh how I wish that all months were like this for you and everyone else. I wish there weren’t so many animals that need saving. But, I’m so thankful for people in the world that are selfless enough to do it. ♥️

  31. Yes, but I am sure a bunch of morons watching a reality TV show discussing it on a website known for bigotry, racism, and Islamophobia know more about her husband than she does.

  32. She’s too far in. It’s pointless to argue with her. She won’t come to her senses for a long time, sadly.

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