1. Don't just say shit if you've never eaten more than 1 variation cause if you ever try KSSS compared to GT they are miles apart in euphoria and visuals.

  2. There’s not chemical difference if it’s a cube it will not produce a different high based on phenotype, they have the same chemical make up, maybe one will have more magic than another but that’s about it, the mind set is what will give you more euphoria or better visuals, you can eat the same pheno over and over and have completely diffrent experiences each time even if you eat the same amount, set and setting plus how your feeling and what’s been going on will effect your trip more than anything. But when you get to things like pan cyan and mexicana they have different make up, pan cyan has many different psychoactive chemicals in it giving it a completely different high and visuals compared to cubes. But ya if you see someone saying one pheno did this and the other does this then it’s all BS that’s just based on there experience and yours could be completely different

  3. It’ll most likely be contaminated (the tissue sample) that’s why you do a few transfers to get clean culture. It can take 4+ transfers before you get a full plate

  4. .har is a HTTP logging file. The info it has is just interactions with a website, unless that file has some sort of Username and password I don’t think you can do much with it.

  5. Dude wtf, why did you even tell a guy how to beam innocent player's accounts using .har file?

  6. If he uses the info for malicious activity then that’s on him. Just informing him about what .har is and the info within them. The info is public anyway

  7. Looks good see lots of knots and no contam so you’ll have fruits soon

  8. There are no mystical truths, just wild flights of imagination while on shrooms. Describing those things is like describing a dream: dreadfully dull to everyone else.

  9. I see it more as the idea that the knowledge is always there we are just thinking about it and realizing things we didn’t before. Nothing you couldn’t do without the tool of mushrooms or psychs but theyll help you see it faster possibly. People get confused tho that these deep realizations are some how mystical truths when really it’s just we are accustomed to a society that just doesn’t really talk about those ideas. When you start talking about god tho and creation of that sort those can be personal truths, but there not fundamentals of everyone’s reality.

  10. Did it and I gotta say would highly recommend. Do a low dose tho, I went on my come down it was great and relaxing

  11. All I could think of watching that miniseries was how much Evan Peters’ Dahmer looked and talked exactly like Joe Pera.

  12. 😭😭😭 the moment he talked I told my wife “that’s fucking joe perra” and we had a good laugh

  13. I'm not sure you really understand the meaning of ego death. I'll copy my answer from an earlier thread:

  14. I feel like ego “death” is also the wrong word to use and more of a ego dissolution due to the ego being a illusion and by dissolving that illusion you realize you are one with all. This ideology could be wrong but I’ve alwase seen it as a illusion that you can tear down and see beyond.

  15. No realisation more total amnesia. If you are still thinking or experiencing in the third person sense or sense of zelf scrap the ego death, imo you know you experience it upon reflection not sheer memory. Sorry to the majority who get offended when i say you havent experienced ego death.

  16. I agree! Not every “crazy experience” is a ego dissolution just your serotonin going ham lmao

  17. Anxiety has many uses, it’s the point of which you completed the task yet the anxiety doesn’t stop that it becomes a issue, anxiety is a tool to make you act, but when your anxiety last for hours or your anxiety is triggered randomly without rhyme or reason then it’s a issue. I use my anxiety to help me get work done and help myself to stop procrastinating, and it’s used to help watch out for predators and be more observant of your surroundings. Anxiety is a tool it has a use and purpose! But when your anxious because the pencile on the desk is crooked or your just sitting on the couch and your mind is saying “you can’t be chillin right now you gotta be anxious bc something WILL go wrong” then it’s a issue that needs fixed. My anxiety is based around the idea that if I’m enjoying myself or relaxing then I’m doing something wrong bc if I’m not anxious then I’m doing something wrong. Which is a issue that I’ve been working on for years.

  18. Get a cheap one from the store I got one for like 20$ at Walmart, as long as it had racks and does 130f, you’ll be fine. I dehydrate mine for 8 hours at 160f and it gets them nice and crisp.

  19. Do bulk with coco coir don’t do these blocks on perlite, it’s not worth it in the end imo, just follow docs Wild bird seed tek and get some coco coir and you’ll never go back

  20. Probably hurd this before but make your own save some money if you can but outside that, have some fun looks like a good night to me!

  21. Dude clone that send all us some samples 😭😭😭 your one lucky duck mush love friend

  22. Looks like he’s planning his next meal… and he’s looking at it. That’ll fatten him up

  23. Once I got my pressure cooker I went right down the rabbit hole, have fun

  24. Lmao I’ve been using a lot smaller one for over a year now and I’ve been meaning to upgrade but had alot of stuff happening yk life but then I saw this on FB marketplace thanks to my wife for that I don’t got any SM outside Reddit but when she finds things I might want she shows me and this one was a must have and it was a 8minute drive so well yk what happened next! First you’re using it and I mean it works like new didn’t have to fiddle with anything and I couldn’t be happier! Mush love to you and best of luck

  25. That’s awesome your wife is at least privy to the hobby, mine is into it as well. And congrats on no SM besides Reddit. Best thing I’ve ever done !

  26. Lmao I’ve never been a social media guy, I didn’t get any till freshman year bc everyone had it but after like a year or so I realized it was all BS and got rid of it all. but I use to do actives, not anymore tho i only grow gourmet but I help my friends with there isolates bc they do all that Bs so that’s why I got ape and pan isolate. Since I had my son I had to stop all my illegal shenanigans bc I had greater things to do. I love the hobby and have a homemade lab just for all my mushroom stuff so I said fuck it imma go back to gourmets and it would be cool to teach my son about mushrooms. So I now isolate and clone a bunch of gourmet boys and look forward to selling them at my local farmers market every year!

  27. My girlfriend normally gotta take 8g to even feel it, some people just got natural tolerance but watch out she did 4g ape for a light trip with me and some friends the other day had a bad time, it’s kinda random and potency of each mushroom Is diffrent. So just try again in a few weeks maybe you got weaker mushrooms who knows there’s a lot of factors and you said you don’t take meds so who knows. But I don’t recommend taking a larger dose maybe go up to like 8g but that could go a lot of ways lmao. Mush love and best of luck to you

  28. I personally use to hate edibles but after quitting vaping and smoking I tried edibles a few more times and realized it’s the way to use cannabis. I have a 500g jar of D8 and I make chocolate bars all day and night, even started making labels and stuff for myself bc well it’s fun. I have a personal little brand lmao. But ya it gets me way higher than vaping and takes a lot less, I’d smoke a cart in a few days but a 100mg edible lasted me 10days, just take 10mg and I’m happily high, and it last like 4-5 hours. I’ve smoked for 7 years (mostly delta 9) and I’ve found that I should have been doing edibles this whole time

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