1. If you're watchin it for the first time, maybe 13 reasons why.. the first/second seasons are great

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about the uni debt part. Student finance in the UK covers your tuition fees, and depending on your family’s income, you can get maintenance loans too. But even then, your student loans don’t count against you like normal debt does when applying for a mortgage etc AND after 30 years it goes away! You don’t start paying off until after you leave uni and are earning a high amount so I wouldn’t use that as an excuse not to go to uni if that is the right thing for your aspirations and career

  3. I do know how student finance works but I just don’t know if Uni is right for me… spending 60k just to get where I’d be in the first place doesn’t sound smart

  4. I’ve applied to 3 but I’m one of those who need to plan every last detail… 😅

  5. Lol, that is the smallest diagram I have seen in a while.:grin:

  6. Pls that’s massive… I once drew a graph with 20 points on a 3 by 5 grid 😅… ya know how on graph paper there’s 10 tiny squares and for each square… I mean those larger squares

  7. Get yourself to Slaters in Liverpool city centre. They’ll sort you out.

  8. It’s nice to know that infinitely many people fucked to make me 😂

  9. Ain’t that really dirty tho? Don’t you get dread locks by not washing your hair? No offence

  10. What the actual #%*# here I am sweating out GTA tryna get money then there’s you in the real world tryna bring me down 😅 best get my head into gear

  11. Sounds like you will be interfacing with hardware and IoT devices to collect data for the driver side. Or some process adjacent to that.

  12. My dog needed to be put to sleep because she was so ill. For her last day, we went to her favourite place - the beach. Cooked her a steak for her supper. And we let her sleep in our bed one last time.

  13. As bad as that sounds, I bet your dog really appreciated that day. You made their last wish come true. You’re a good person

  14. Grind the agency missions today is the last day for double money

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