1. How was this? Now that you have sat with it. Are the effects good? and what is the taste if it isn't bubblegum? Thanks.

  2. Just grabbed a jar that claims to be 31.7% THC, hittin hard! Taste isn't too strong on it tho

  3. How was this? Now that you have sat with it. Im looking to buy some today. Its on sale for $ it worth it?

  4. Same question I have. Ive heard nothing on the Bazooka and that is labeled at 30% and up on the THC ratting

  5. Really. If you can share any further details I would appreciate it.

  6. What Botanist location was this at?

  7. I can but i really dont want to erase everything.

  8. I think its clearly the patents and the ability of the AI Software to evolve and learn.

  9. Purple haze apperently is too hard to grow and takes to long for these growers is what i have been told. Considering it is the only purple sativa strain in the world and my absolute favorite strain of all time, someone in ohio should definitely grow it. Only if they are good at growing like woodward, otherwise it wont be up to its standards. Real purple haze is bright green all over until you break down into the nug and it has BRIGHT purple undertones. NOT DARK. It smells like a sweet rainforest and taste like nerds. Best strain in the world.

  10. Me and you both. Purple Haze is my favorite strain. I just have been shocked that not one grower grows it. But your probably right about the time the strain needs. Also right that the only growers who should touch the stain are Woodward and Klutch. I wish there was a way to petition one of these growers to start growing it.

  11. I actually got in contact with woodward. Gave them 4 strains that have purple and pink undertones and bright green bud all around it. Purple haze, blue knight, pink starburst, pink picasso. They said they cant find seeds for the real purple haze, but they will try.

  12. Nice. Atleast Woodward is trying. Their killing it as far as quality too. I hope they find the strains you gave them.

  13. Still no option to remove the “Volume Display” when turning the volume up and down. It’s so annoying. Sheesh.

  14. That's sucks. Did it at least prevent the menu from randomly popping up for no reason?

  15. Don’t know yet the Update has not came to serial number yet but any improvement is better than what it is now.

  16. So I decided on Sticky Buns, for the price mainly. Review is posted.

  17. Tim what did you think of the Sticky Buns from Cokoh. I tried to find your review but I couldn't. Was it good as far as effects and bud quality. Im thinking of grabbing some today but I keep hearing bad things about Cokoh. Thanks for the response.

  18. Did you find Sticky Buns? I just pulled out the last of mine and remembered it came in a Chizle jar, not Cokoh. That's the one I was bummed over at first because 3/4 previous Chizle buys were bad.

  19. Naw I ended up going with POW gg#4. It’s is really good. But I will try the sticky buns the next time I see it available.

  20. Are you all creating a separate picture setting profile for each mode ie: 1 profile for sdr, 1 for hdr, and 1 for dolby vision and manually switch to it when watching that type of content?

  21. Hi sorry for the late response. I would like to set up a profile for each setting (SD, HDR, etc) and just switch to the setting that suits the content I’m watching

  22. Did you make the change to Spectrum? How has your experience been so far? Im thinking of leaving T-Mobile for Spectrum as well.

  23. I am not the OP but have had two lines on Spectrum Mobile for a few months now and also use data roaming in several countries since then. It is Verizon based service. Works well except for where 5G C-band is not built out out yet - in those areas you could see the typical Verizon congestion slowdown at times but ever since the C-band buildout started this has been less of a topic.

  24. Thanks for the insight. Switching would save like half on my current mobile bill so but I need a reasonable service. I think Im going to make the move because I own all the phones I want connected so hopefully the process would be easy.

  25. Vizio is a SCAM company….they will never see my money ever again

  26. I was thinking about grabbing some of this today. Does it make you feel lazy?

  27. Shake/Trim is whatever falls off of the buds while the trimming process is performed. (Sugar leaves, and trichomes. Shouldn't have bud in it). In ground flower, the entire bud got ground up. Basically ground flower is the stuff that would be in the center compartment of a grinder at home, these companies are just eliminating a step for some patients

  28. Ok. So out of all three types of bud. Would ground flowers be the most potent since grounded from actually full buds. So is ground flower more potent than Trim and Shake?

  29. I think this is a new strain for them. I just saw it on menus, but something else that is new that they released and is related is the Skunky Jack (Super Skunk x Jack Herer). It is excellent, but no terpinolene which is surprising because of the Jack Herer. I picked it up today (28.8% I think) with #72 smalls (24.2%) for $60 each. POW is selling smalls halfs for $60 the rest of the day.

  30. Wow…..what location is selling the POW smalls for 60?

  31. I’ve had good luck with pow smalls. I just ordered this and will update with a short review tonight or tomorrow.

  32. Ok great. Please come back and leave a thorough review. I appreciate your feedback.

  33. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I’m unfamiliar with Plex and it’s functions.

  34. Everything has increased in price. Of course it will effect the price of our mmj, it’s being delivered by car. These greedy companies aren’t just gonna eat the cost lol.

  35. I hear what you are saying. Of course the prices are better now than the start of the program. And shopping on sales is I think how most people in the program would prefer to purchase. I’m just saying I think we’re are still at the start of the price increase. I think it will get worse. But I hope I’m wrong.

  36. I am not seeing increased prices (as if they aren't too high already), but have seen stock shortage. Sales would be great if the dispos actually have the item in stock that day and not the day after (I'm looking at you Columbia Care-Galenas sale).

  37. Yea I agree. That has happened to me before with the sale issue. Some of these dispensaries could use better organization.

  38. I feel the exact same way. Vizio will never get a dime of mine in the future. They worst then Toshiba.

  39. Verilife has taken care of same day exchanges for me before. I didn’t call I just went back up.

  40. Usually the dispo can when it’s defective/damaged. But I would call them first so you’re not waiting in line just to find out they will make you call the cultivator.

  41. Nothing is “broken” on my j01 and they did add vrr to the oleds as promised… they also did just do an f6 sound bar firmware which is super old at this point and it’s largely alleviated the issue.

  42. I have the 75” J01 and I’m hoping for the same solution. This is my current only issue with my set as well. I hate seeing the sound display because when I watch TV I frequently maneuver the volume. And the Vol display is so annoying and slow to disappear. I’m pressing this to be included in a a update too. My previous M70-F3 was great and allowed you to hide the vol display. It’s just makes no sense to me why Vizio would take this away on newer models. Like l understand that people are having very serious issues with their sets but I agree this should be a easy update fix. But dealing with Vizio and expecting them to fix all these issues even with a class action suit developing is still like pulling teeth. You would think they would be scrambling to make things right with buyers but they continue to drag their feet.

  43. I would like some feedback on this BioDawg Kief

  44. I have said this since day one. The prices are crazy. Sadly the only way for the prices to come down is for all card holders to come together and boycott. If the dispensary’s see a drought and start sitting on product. They will pressure growers to come down on their prices. Buyers/Patients have all the control but people are to thirsty to hold out for the bigger goal sadly. We just need 2-4 months of collective pressure and things would change. Just a thought!

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