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  1. The moment you finish the bloody baron's quest is the moment you realise what you're in for.

  2. I literally just finished that quest a few hours ago! Made me tear up ngl

  3. Yes, I'm aware of that. The American President notified the American public. You might want to re-read my question.

  4. I read the title as mythopathetic. Fuck it, that's still my headcanon.

  5. Came here to say something similar. Chicago has some of their metro lines in the middle of multi lane highways, it is miserable to wait for a train there. When I visit, I try to avoid those stations.

  6. Yeah I live in Chicago and those stations are so, so, awful.

  7. (female) Listen to women. Subscribe to subs where women talk about issues in their lives. Get a picture of how to act and not act in general (women are not looking for an asshole trying to get the upper hand over them with red pill games). Befriend women without the intention of dating them. Be an ally to women.

  8. I'm not OP but I thought maybe I'd ask you:

  9. ur the gay bestfriend G, i used to be there too, just man up get some male friends, stop wishing u could get with ur female friends, go to the gym, fix ur mental health, get ur money up

  10. you're in the wrong sub my man, I don't particularly want your advice.

  11. It's really cool how different the vibe is between color vs. black and white!

  12. Rosetta isn't some perfect app that does the job well across every application especially those not built for the arch. Plenty of applications may not run well. For best performance best to just use the platform it was designed to work on.

  13. I'm sure it's imperfect but I've noticed zero problems running Apps in Rosetta - hell most of the time I'm not even aware that what I'm running is non-native code.

  14. I agree with those percentages; I work on digital forensics standards. Talk goes to sports REAL fast.

  15. Knowing very little about digital forensics, that sounds cool as shit. I'd way rather talk about that than boring sports.

  16. More people ride TTC per day than CTA, by about 200,000. It’s close, but they’re certainly comparable by ridership, and pretty similar in catchment area as well.

  17. Unyx says:

    But you're comparing entire systems, not just the rail network. Toronto's bus network is much more reliable, and they have the streetcars too. But Toronto's heavy rail system is much smaller by comparison.

  18. Unyx says:

    I really don't think there's that much of a cultural difference. A marginally different political situation, sure. But there's nothing on a cultural level preventing us from having a world class public transportation system like Toronto's. There are dozens of cities all around the world with vastly different ideas about "the role of government and respect we owe each other" that have incredible public transportation systems.

  19. Unyx says:

    Does anyone smarter than me have any idea why mass shootings are almost always men? (And I'd suspect tend to be white as well?)

  20. Unyx says:

    I took your advice and went to women's wellness but all they said to me was "sir this place isn't for you, please leave." 😞

  21. How does one find out when these things happen? Do I need to be tuned into network tv? I just found out after brushing my teeth and swallowing some tap water. Should I go to the ER? Just kidding kinda. I have Afghani refugees in my complex, lots of them. Who’s gonna tell them?

  22. Unyx says:

    I don't mean to be a dick, but if there are people from Afghanistan living in your complex they are Afghan, not Afghani. Afghani is the currency, Afghan is the people.

  23. I’m with you. The term “unlivable” is such a 1st world problems term IMO. If Anchorage is “unlivable,” what does that make somewhere like Kabul!?

  24. Unyx says:

    I don't think "better than Kabul" should be our standard as the richest nation on Earth.

  25. That’s not my standard lmao. But saying any American city is “unlivable” begs the question, is anywhere livable? It just sounds extremely privileged to say that simply because public transportation is not up to par, a city is “unlivable.” First world problems my man.

  26. Unyx says:

    Liveability is a term that urban planners, sociologists, and economists use. It doesn't mean whether it's literally possible to live in a place.

  27. Unyx says:

    If you have any factual disputes and can point to evidence contradicting any of the claims here I'd be happy to read them.

  28. Unyx says:

    I guess, but in this particular case it's pretty straightforward reporting on a report from the governor's office. If they're a propaganda outlet (and I'm inclined to agree they could be considered that) this particular piece is counterproductive to that aim.

  29. Courtesy of the Federal Government’s COVID money

  30. Unyx says:

    The biggest increase came from sales tax revenue, actually.

  31. Unyx says:

    TrueAnon just had a great miniseries series about this framed mostly through the growth of Synanon. (Which Robert has also covered here)

  32. Unyx says:

    "All that shit - sorry, all that stuff."

  33. Most of the Russians I run into are in the various software piracy subreddits. (Makes sense I guess.)

  34. Interesting read. Just 1 problem, from their own website: The Cato Institute is libertarian in its political philosophy, and advocates a limited role for government in domestic and foreign affairs as well as a strong protection of civil liberties.

  35. Unyx says:

    Lmao have you never heard of Cato before? They're huge Republican backers.

  36. Partially true. There have been an increases in crime for some cities bucking the trend of decreasing violent crime. I highly doubt she lives in said city though.

  37. Unyx says:

    Even then, "destroyed" is such a dramatic statement.

  38. Idk if this is weird to ask, but do you think Oz being Muslim had anything to do with him losing?

  39. Unyx says:

    I doubt most people who voted for him were even aware he's Muslim

  40. That is what I say about Florida! It may look like Florida is turning purple early during the election night but Floridian elections are never over until you are disappointed.

  41. Unyx says:

    Honestly I think we should give up calling Florida a swing state. It's deep red at this point.

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