AITA for going a on trip with my family that my wife isn't going on?

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AITA for making my daughter return a Halloween costume.

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  1. as someone who has 0 kids and loves watching Bluey.. I too say it does not miss.

  2. i love this brand!! i use the blue bottle and pink bottle. i havent tried this scent yet but it makes my hair really soft and easy to detangle. i switch between NYM and Native. im a cheap curly girl so $9 a bottle is great for me.

  3. the type of shampoo and conditioners can also affect your hair. i have tried literally EVERY curl product of all price ranges you can imagine. i was tired of paying a ridiculous amount of money for shampoo, conditioner, leave in, masks, oils, creams, gels.. so ill tell you what works for me!

  4. bottom row, second to last! thats a pretty green and matches nicely. not too dark not too light. hope that helps :) and if you still arent sure, base your next batch of samples on the last two colors.

  5. I think the fact that many people feel so conflicted about her character makes her wonderfully written. Above all else I see her character as deeply tragic. All she wanted was to live with Inuyasha as an ordinary woman when she was alive and in death all she wished for was to see Inuyasha again. She dies thinking that the only person who ever understood her betrayed her. Then when she's flung back into the land of the living she has to sustain herself on the souls of maidens and sees the love of her life becoming a softer and kinder person because of another woman that's "kikyo 2.0". I can't even imagine the amount of sorrow and loneliness she must have felt.

  6. I've never really thought about her and her struggles that way. it makes me feel really bad for her :( i only know anime Kikyo not manga Kikyo and i didnt like her in the show. this gives me all the reason to read it.

  7. Next Animal Crossing game i would like to be verbally abused by my mean villagers again.

  8. i kick it so my shovel lasts longer and i also think its faster! like others have said, i only use the shovel to fill when im around flowers or custom paths.

  9. if your son likes disney, they came out with dreamlight valley! it’s the same concept without anything scary

  10. your friend is right. that child is not his responsibility, shes yours. your friend gave up his parental rights when you adopted the baby. shes your daughter. you are responsible for her everything..including college tuition.

  11. charmander, totodile, mudkip, chimchar, oshawott, froakie, popplio, sobble and sprigatito.

  12. its crazy that this whole comment section views you and your wife as a packaged deal except for you. YTA. and why do you think its okay for your parents to openly exclude your wife? 'they've always been this way' is a shit excuse.

  13. why would your mom spend more money to send two invites to the same address? lets use our brain here.

  14. of all the times my mother has told me what i spent my money on was ridiculous, not once did she ever take me back to the store to return what i bought with my money.. (im 29)

  15. sooo not having a job and bumming off your rich brother is a better option?

  16. okay lets pretend the money isnt for a mommy makeover. would you hesitate paying her back what you borrowed? if your answer is no, thats what makes YTA. you borrowed her money that she saved for something she wants, and now you dont want to pay her back because you dont believe she needs the money for the thing she wants to spend it on.

  17. i went to make a complaint and on the website it says theyre 'closed for the holiday'. my game has froze on me three times so far and lags when i walk anywhere

  18. okay but this is actually a really angry pokemon! i went up to it like 'aww how cute' and he destroyed me 😂

  19. NTA for wanting your sister to leave after she made fun of you in front of the family about a serious matter you brought to her attention.

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