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  1. What does this have to do with NFTs 🤣

  2. I’m pro-NFT but even I’m not dumb enough to miss that it says NFT in the post ☠️

  3. Seconded -- I found "Arsenic and Adobo" in one of these collections, which is a pretty recent book. (I passed it over, because I wanted the full version >_> )

  4. The great illustrated classics were the best thing to happen to books in a long time imo

  5. From the time I started college I began collecting children's classics with beautiful or fun illustrations. I knew that even if I never had children, I'd have a child in my life that I could give them to. I have a lot of family.

  6. This is what I plan on doing! Have you found any other collections that you enjoy other than the Great Illustrated ones? They’re all I’ve ever known but I’m sure there is more out there

  7. The hunt is the best, found a few good reads that I’d never have known about if it weren’t for a used book store. Recently found some Asimov magazines they were selling for 50 cents; the best purchase I’ve made in awhile!

  8. Dude! I’m about to spam this everywhere! DFV is minting his purple circle and he’s going to auction it on pleasr.house! Maybe not tomorrow, but sometime! Mark. My. Words.

  9. Based on another redditors reply, I’ve downloaded “The Dawn of Everything,” and I’m going to give it a go. I kept expecting the path forward to appear, but throughout the first firth of the book there isn’t a trace that he’s going to allude to what can be done to fix the problem.

  10. I'm insecure and the phone in my pocket is how I prove I'm c-c-c-cool.

  11. How does Teddy relate to gmerica beyond the RC connection? Is it owned by RC or GME?

  12. As far as I know RC started Teddy, I think it is what the kids books are from

  13. It allows all creatures to attack, even if they have order, sleep, and the attribute ‘can’t attack.’

  14. so it works even if a creature has order? really handy against Light and Deception

  15. For sure! If you get it in hand at the right time it can be a game changer

  16. Take care of your feet. They could the difference between being on your feet or being wheelchair bound someday. Take care of ‘em!

  17. Any tips for foot care? It’s not really something I’ve considered up to this point

  18. I would definitely try to get one that is usable, rather than a random one

  19. I beat war this morning. His demogorgan was terrifying til it was a 0/1 snow kitty!😊 He conceded after this turn.

  20. I only heard about it yesterday and watched a 2 part highlights video including names artwork and lore and I was in stitches. Litterally spent all day today thinking about bird jesus, dig rat and the false prophet

  21. Can you link the highlight video?? I read bird Jesus’ wiki page and I’m enthralled

  22. Ahh Nassim Nicholas Taleb, read one of his books awhile back! He seems like a pretty stand up guy

  23. Yep. I used to buy these as frozen cubes from fish shops and my terrapin loves eating them.

  24. I’m sorry but with a pet called a “Terrapin” I refuse to believe you aren’t a Pokémon trainer

  25. Nope, but that is only because he is terrible and dies to Auric Rush, Bar Fight, Savage Strike, Ragnarok, Eucos in Eclipse, Tracking Bolt, Valka's Discovery from the favor pool, Bifurcating Curse, Faraday Cage, Unannounced Arrival, Fir Tree's Fury, Over-proof Brew, Enchanted Vines, Unbound Flames, Astric Implosion, Shaped Blast, Rapture Dance, Sole Survivor, Sudden Bloom, The Hunt, and Wildfire.

  26. Also, he's gonna need a lot of maintenance over the years because when that thing starts to age and bleed it could end up looking pretty rough

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