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  1. Stolen? Mate I riffed on a well known meta joke. Was I the first? Probably not. But at the time it popped into my head.

  2. I want a game well before the resonance cascade. Just doing experiments at Black Mesa and riding the tram.

  3. The coal that is exported comes from NSW and Queensland, other states. Victoria burn’s lignite which is unsuitable for export so nothing we can do about that short of invading them unfortunately.

  4. That has not precluded governments from investing technology into coal processing or the amount of natural gas we export to other states as well as internationally.

  5. Again, not something the Victorian state government is doing. It has banned onshore gas exploration and is phasing out residential gas use. What more are you proposing they do ?

  6. Mate there is always more they can do. For one they could halt interstate gas export. Like I said, the right step forward but there is still more to be done.

  7. I did not see a single Lib ad that wasn't an attack ad against Dan. Like, did even they not think they would win to the point they didn't even come up with any policy?

  8. The sign at my polling booth for the Libs had a huge Dan Andrews photo on it. I actually thought it was the Labor sign.

  9. Honest opinion? The well has run dry. The reason? Capitalism requires greater growth. We have separated ourselves economically from the physical world with the advent of the internet but it was happening before anyway with manufacturing v design. The internet was a giant shot of high octane. We abstracted jobs and dreams away from the physical world. Which is fine for economics but not fine for art because your audience literally is in the physical world. So we have a bunch of terminally online writers who probably got their position from nepotism and don't realize it, trying to write a story for an audience that isn't as abstract as they are while hemmed in by modern IP restrictions.

  10. I think it's unfair to say she's crazy. People can't help being crazy. She can definitely help being a piece of shit.

  11. Damn, this guy found the hidden checker auto parts scam, getting rich on.. checks notes four bucks for a gallon of 30% methanol which fills up most wiper fluid reservoirs multiple times…

  12. Water and a bit of white vinegar is free. Literally never met anyone who uses it outside of the states.

  13. You must live in a region of the world where temps don’t go below the freezing point for water

  14. The thing is he's not just the "normal guy" though and it doesn't take long for him understand what's going on he contributes the most to almost every task or mission they have especially in s1.

  15. Meds or lack of meds can make you swell like a motherfucker. The beard's not helping though.

  16. Excuse me sir we're very sorry about this but we're going to need you to stop being such a chode. Thanks

  17. Kudos to the humans that died testing if berries were poisonous or edible

  18. she keeps making the fucking tiktok faces bro please just chill out before each joke you have some decent material but god damn it’s like watching a chipmunk

  19. Sounds like Dave Chapelle’s generic white man voice

  20. I'm sick with a nasty chest cold and just came across this and now I'm coughing up a lung after laughing so hard. Thank you! This is why I adore reddit. Mossy nipple bend ended me 😂😂

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