1. Sounds like you've wiped the preconceptions away, to make way for the intuition of the Mystical.

  2. My feelings have become a general prayer for the betterment of everyone, including enemies.

  3. “And Here’s our first contestant , Michael Crudpinch.”

  4. runs four feet before getting slammed in the head so hard, it throws their ass in the air

  5. This is why I wanna be my own boss, fuck their rules. I’d rather blow my brains out then be a corporate slave for 50 years.

  6. Take it further. You can create your own food and make enough to live off of it at the same time.

  7. He was motivated to hang out with Epstein a lot.

  8. Cnn = dnc propaganda machine, example xxx,xxx.

  9. All MSM= CIA psyops meant to present a false dichotomy that dissolves the moment the CIA wants to trick everyone into a choice using the Hegelian Dialectic.

  10. Boundless love does. You can keep digging at it and it just keeps unfolding into more profound experiences.

  11. Everyone is an amalgamation of higher and lower selves. The trick is to balance and integrate all of them, not to just embody certain ones.

  12. It’s been years 😩 I can’t. I want to be positive but I can’t. I’m super spiritual and all my chakras are blocked. Everything is blocked. I have had years of therapy. I just want to feel alive again. I don’t know how.

  13. There is a psychic ritual you have to emotionally prepare for with self love, gaining equanimity in meditation and communing with nature.

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