1. You didn't beat her , you just said that she shouldn't put a fork on the microwave and she put and look through the microwave window , all those injuries are from the blast

  2. I'm not even sure nuclear war is the biggest threat. Sure, it might be the flashiest and quickest way things could go bad. But I don't think it's very likely. Compared to the threat of Global elites enacting their agenda, CBDC's, Social credit systems, Chinese hegemony.

  3. I had ChatGPT make a Bitcoin Lullaby. That was pretty sweet. Sleep tight, little HODLer.

  4. I guess if you can get away with summoning a demon to help in the kitchen, why not? Am I right? XD

  5. How much did you think you weighed before you stood on the scale? I'm curious what your self image was like.

  6. I wish you the best of luck. With persistence, you can get the body you want. And just because you can't be 19 again doesn't mean you should sell yourself short either. You can be fit and muscled again if that's what you want (it is for me). You just gotta work hard.

  7. Dwarf Fortress. Imagine being a dwarf: You just moved to a new settlement. They hand you a pickaxe and tell you to carve out a mountain for the next 10 years. You don't know anything about mining, but you'll figure it out. It's pretty boring work. Get up, go mining, eat, drink, sleep. But you do it every day. By the end you are a golden god of rippling muscle.

  8. Do whichever you prefer. I wish I could go swimming, but my local college has kept the indoor olympic swimming pool closed ever since the pandemic. >.< At the very least, when warmer weather rolls around I'll see if I can't get a membership for an outdoor pool.

  9. Thats awesome! Nothing is more attractive than respecting your body and the discipline to maintain it. I wish you a long, healthy, and happy life.

  10. Its tough. In cases like yours I agree it's stupid and I wish there was no filter. But on the other hand, I think what people could do with an unrestricted version to cause harm. Do i blame them for trying to block people from making homemade explosives or looking up the best ways to assault a school? Of course not. I wish we could find a solution that satisfies everyone and minimizes harm, but it's not easy.

  11. "Good" depends on what you are comparing to. But yes, it looks good.

  12. The precipice has collapsed in campaigns after arti. You won’t be able to access it fully in other campaigns after her

  13. Thanks for the info. I am doing Gourmand first and was wondering why this new area was so tiny.

  14. Mmmm, that was delicious! Countdowns can be a lot of fun. Hearing you squirm and struggle to focus on counting. When all you want to do is go wild.

  15. It would be good if there were more powerful spells that required an attack roll. Or if it had a longer duration, so you could, for example keep casting it as you walk down a hallway, and when combat breaks out, you already have advantage on your first attack.

  16. Spiting bigots is genuinely one of the reasons I gave Pathfinder another try.

  17. Amazing. I couldn't get it to make anything other than an ascii cat

  18. I dont see any problem here. We all wish people could read our minds for stuff like this, but they can't. If both you and him are on the same page, happy, and communicating, it sounds like everything is working.

  19. Personally, I use it to help flesh out my DnD campaign, NPC backstories, and write descriptions for areas my players will encounter.

  20. Stat blocks, magic items. I had it come up with a magical material. Hell, I even had it come up with a whole crafting system for d&d

  21. Dungeons and dragons DM support. I can ask for it to create npcs, stat blocks, items, and even bounce ideas off of it. "What do you think about an encounter that works like this..."

  22. You are probably right to some extent now, but it will get MUCH worse. Unless the various SM companies (e.g Facebook, Twitter, etc.) take strong action to insure that a real human has written something, it may end up that the vast majority of the conversations will be AI composed and directed.

  23. We might get a digital ID though. Which might make it more reliable to know whether you're talking to an ai or a human.

  24. Of course, it's Google. What did anyone expect?

  25. I have found that it seems to give these weird canned woke answers. It is actually shocking how many very basic things I will ask and it gives me a hugely moralizing lecture.

  26. I can only hope that as more AI of this type come out, we'll have non-woke options.

  27. Damn, rough times we're in. Do what you must! o7

  28. Cries in motion sickness lol. I can handle a tiny bit of beat saber but pretty much anything else makes me nauseous. Just wanted to warn anyone that gets motion sick easily to try someone else's headset before getting your own in case you can't handle it and waste your money. But for everyone else it definitely can be a full blown fun workout and a way to experience new things from home. Glad you are liking it, OP!

  29. You can train yourself to get less motion sick. I couldn't handle VR more than an hour at first, but I'm getting better the longer I use it. And yes certain games will affect you less than others. VRChat is pretty mild, but Subnautica VR was the WORST. Literally sick after 10 minutes playing.

  30. Is subnautica as the name suggests and under water? Or boat related? Only time I've ever had motion sickness irl was in a small boat in a large ocean lol

  31. Yea it's an underwater game. It worked way better on PC but I respect that the devs added vr support. The issue is that you have to constantly move your head in every direction to look around and move. That's why it's so nauseating in vr.

  32. A breakfast burrito (1 egg, 1 strip of bacon, a little shredded cheese, and an 8 inch tortilla), and a glass of milk is about 500 calories I think. That's been my breakfast for the past two weeks.

  33. Thankyou for the breakfast burrito idea,that looks delicious! I've seen others on here talk about the 2 week thing too. Just need the discipline to get through the 2 weeks!

  34. Just do your best and don't be afraid to post here for support and advice!

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