1. This betta seems to have a tumor. If it’s not affecting his quality of life I’d be extra cautious about water changes. Are you changing his water 100% every 3 weeks? If so, stop. Do 20% once a week and that should be enough.

  2. Absolutely no! I at least know you're not supposed to change the water 100%. I would say I change about 50% of the water. Poor little guy.

  3. My knee-jerk thought is to say: well of course we might think we’re better at typing others-there’s no real way to know whether we’re right or not. (I suppose I could say the same about typing ourselves, but typing others doesn’t have all that self-esteem baggage.)

  4. Nice try. Barbie is clearly a DC. How else could she juggle all of those careers? (You're obviously not a DC because my friend's cousin's daughter's neighbor twice removed is a DC and you look nothing like her.)

  5. As far as I understand it, “lower curve” isn’t a thing because we aren’t meant to isolate body parts. Rather, we should look at the body as a whole. Curve is a continuous line and must push the fabric out at the bust. As a matter of fact, quite a few women in the Dramatic group on SK are “hippy”, but their “curve” is baseline. My (Self-identified FG) own line pushes out a little at the hips, but fabric (an imaginary chiffon) would pretty much fall straight down my torso unimpeded. So, that “curve” is not continuous. Ergo I have vertical.

  6. Kibbe curve is simply whether the bust would push the fabric (outward)past the shoulder line. Imagine a lightweight fabric falling from your shoulders (where a tailored shirtsleeve would begin) and ask whether the fabric could go straight down or whether your bust would push out. This is a short, bastardized instruction that’s missing a heck of a lot of background but I feel it’s useful for Reddit. Looking at your photos, I think it’s possible for you but I would never say definitely because 1) these are posed and 2) I simply don’t have the expertise (no one does) to type by photo.

  7. Someone in another post had suggested FN for her and I feel that’s a strong possibility.

  8. Just a quick correction: there’s no such thing as being “too petite” for any ID if we’re talking height. Kibbe himself has stated there are quite a few very short classics. I do like your general conclusion of not getting hung up on ID name and instead focusing on what works for you and developing your own style. In my viewpoint, that’s the way it should be approached. Otherwise you end up with a bunch of people trying to dress to exactly match some Pinterest board or something.

  9. The heights are really only ever given as upper limits. 5’4 is the maximum for petite, 5’6 (5’7 until very recently) is the maximum for “moderate height” (by which I mean vertical is a must past a certain point). Classics only need to be balanced and Kibbe has stated this can happen at any height. I feel like you’ve got a lot of info from people who don’t really know the system. There’s quite a lot of misinformation (because more confusion means a person can make more explanation videos that further confuse people and the cycle continues). Regardless, I still like your conclusion!

  10. Kibbe has said 5’4 is the upper limit for petite and it gets less likely the closer you get to that maximum. So, anyone below 5’4 could potentially have petite. You’re right about the classics, except classics won’t have width at all. (There’s a relevant quote in the SK DC group I’ll try to dig up!)

  11. ooh, i am very interested to know the quote about Classics and width, since in Metamorphosis DCs are described as "straight and slightly wide" in their bone structure, but this may have no correlation to Kibbe's current definition of width - ie, it might be like describing FGs as "broadly angular".

  12. I'm still looking for the quote I was talking about, but I feel bad for leaving you hanging so here are 2 others regarding vertical and balance (note these are paraphrases):

  13. A great trick for “nuding up” a lipstick is to apply it lightly then smudge it with your fingers. I like to do that with my coral lipstick sometimes. It maintains the brightness while keeping the look more low key. It might be worth a try!

  14. Non-related tangent, but I’ve never understood the phrase “smells like sex”. I’ve smelled sex and it does not smell pleasant. (But I’m also Ace so maybe other people like it??)

  15. Celebrities should be seen as embodiments of the IDs rather than literal physical representations. By “embodiment”, I mean we also have to look at their overall vibe, the public’s impression of them, etc. This is especially the case with older celebrities but I think it can still apply to more modern celebrities with a solid image.

  16. Why wouldn’t this also be true for regular people?

  17. Well, I suppose I'd say because celebrities and "regular people" are different. With celebrities, we have their film roles, their music, etc. We know people's general opinion of them (Marilyn Monroe was known for being curvy, Audrey Hepburn was referred to as a gamine long before Kibbe, and so on). I don't have to "brand" myself in the same way an actress does, for example. That's less true now, but I do still think some celebrities have a consistent image.

  18. I think the thing to remember with going blonde is that some contrast is going to be removed (if you’re going from darker hair that is). Even “dark blonde” is light. So, I wouldn’t call it off limits for anyone (because we all have different preferences) but I would say to be aware of what it would do and decide whether that’s an effect you want.

  19. Meanwhile he said that for a 5'4'' person to have vertical, their line sketch would need to be completely straight.

  20. I seem to recall that comment being made in reference to a person in the D group and that they were nudged toward balance + vertical as a possibility, so it seems that he was saying a person's sketch would have to be completely straight to accommodate vertical and nothing else. I did think the person was 5'5 though. It's possible I'm misremembering of course.

  21. I found it: It was in a reaction to E.C. in the D group at 9 February. He said 5'4'' (as she mentioned that as her height): At 5'4" it's hard to understand how this could show vertical. For that to be the case, it would have to be totally straight. It's not. There's certainly some curve. The shoulders and hips are very aligned, which suggests balance.

  22. Looking tall or short is nothing to do with vertical, as that is very subjective. In Kibbe, Vertical can either be: Literal height (above 5'6 or 168 cm), elongation, or a lack of Kibbe curve. In your case, vertical would be automatic so that narrows it down to SD, D, or FN. For the record, Kibbe recently said balance won't occur at 5'6 (168 cm) (which surprised me, tbh).

  23. Nope! Kibbe curve is simply when the bust pushes fabric outward. Imagine a lightweight fabric falling down from the shoulder point. Would your bust push it outward or could it flow down without obstruction (ignoring width for this example)? If it couldn’t, that’s curve.

  24. Srs: Initially, I thought this was a wonderful stand-alone (i.e. not based on anything) post full of whimsical, surrealist humor. Then I saw the original post...

  25. No, there cannot be an SG without curve because what makes an SG is petite + double curve (and rarely petite + curve + vertical). An SG without curve would be an FG, as vertical can be understood as a lack of curve in some cases. This is of course assuming the person without a doubt has petite. Kibbe has said in SK (it was in the FG group) that the line between SG and FG can be blurry (paraphrasing here), so I take that to mean the difference between the two may not be as obvious as some might think.

  26. Apparently! I learned about it from a different Kibbecj post. Everyone in the comments were just as confused, but I guess he stated it in SK this week like, 3 times /srs

  27. He did and I was quite surprised. Someone had posted a question asking why vertical was dominant at 5’6 (about 168 cm) and another answered that still included DC, D, FN, and SD. This comment wasn’t corrected by the mod, so I figured one would have vertical at 5’6 but might not be vertical dominant. Well, a few days later Kibbe says a person won’t be balanced at 5’6 so I suppose vertical is dominant at 5’6. I’m curious to know what caused this change.

  28. I think it’s also important to remember that verified celebrities should be looked at as embodiments of the archetype-especially, I’d argue, older celebrities. What category but “diva chic” could we put literal diva Barbra Streisand?

  29. I don't believe it's possible to analyze properly through pictures, but I do think the fuchsia color (such as the lipstick in slide 18) mimics the natural flush in your cheeks quite nicely. So, I'd vote for DW (with the caveat that you should base your conclusion on personal, real-life experience.) But of course, I can't know whether it's actually a fuchsia color because I would also use that color to describe slide 7, but you've called it "hot pink". Sometimes color doesn't translate quite correctly, I feel.

  30. Thank you so much for your input!☺️ I feel like both lipsticks aren’t flattering on me lol but my guess is that they aren’t dark enough. Also…I actually have rosacea so idk if that’s contributing to cooler colours looking better in these photos 🤔 I think the hot pink shirt is too bright for me and caused harsh shadows, but the mustard yellow also looks bad so idk 😂 maybe I should try a darker pink/cooler toned yellow.

  31. Hmm That's certainly a possibility! I did feel the warmer colors were quite lackluster, however. But this is only based on photos, of course, and I could be perceiving things wrongly due to lighting, camera quality, my own monitor, etc. Have you thought about looking at summer? I know it's not conventional advice, but it couldn't hurt to try if you're not happy in the deep category. Winter is always bright, so if you feel very bright colors are harsh, I'd probably leave that season altogether. I'd actually found a season color quiz on a chinese site. I made a

  32. I think this post is a great example of why Kibbe has said not to look to celebrities to learn how to dress because they often don't dress according to their accommodations. (The exception is if he gives them as inspo, I'm thinking.) Most of these (dress 1, 2, and 3) are cut very straight and are quite stiff (at least to my eye). Dress 4 might be ok for double-curve, but I think I need to know more about the dress before I can decide. It's hard to see what's going on with dress 5 too, though I will say I really like the black-and-gold color scheme on Selena. It feels very queenly and opulent. I think that's more to do with her color season though, which I suspect may be in the deep category (obviously, I can't know though because I've never seen her in person).

  33. Most celebrities tend to wear stiff dresses for some reason. It's painfully obvious that's good not for her in the 2nd dress, especially compared on how it looks on a yang dominant frame.

  34. I can certainly see what you mean, but to my eye the dress still wants to fall straight down and has a very angular impression overall.

  35. Oh wow, thank you! I’d love to look at your posts! Thank you to the link of the book, I can’t wait to look at it. Also thanks preemptively answering my question on spam emails, really I hate that, so I’ll have absolutely no reservations on signing up!

  36. No worries! I always feel funny linking to my own posts, but I don’t know any other users who’ve done posts on McJimsey! And to me this is like sharing study notes.

  37. Don’t feel weird, that’s serious the type of content people in this very forum love! I think you could do some fun posts that you could post here kind of a compare and contrast between kibbe and Mcjimsey, that way it could be exposed to a whole new user base!

  38. That does sound very fun. Hey, you could too if you find yourself really interested!

  39. Zendaya isn't verified, so I can't very well say this is a good representation of an R and a D in the same type of dress. I can, however, say this is an interesting comparison of "extreme yin" and "extreme yang" for lack of a better phrase. You can really see Zendaya's elongation shine through in comparison to Beyoncé. In regards to who wore it better (since this is a "vs"), I really prefer Zendaya's overall. Maybe I'm kooky, and Part of that is for sure because Zendaya's pictures are from a photoshoot and I'm sure she had people to arrange the dress just right. But I think the skirt is part of it too. The tissue-paper texture combined with the very angular cheerleader-esque mini skirt Beyoncé is wearing feels very "sexy Halloween costume" to me. I realize the shorter skirt was probably necessary for ease of movement, but I wonder if maybe a different shape of skirt would have felt more harmonious with the material? I feel like the redesign gives it a diaphanous elegance that was lacking in the 2003 version.

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