Islam genuinely scares me

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  1. Dems are not your friends. They are sociopaths without a moral compass who will pander to anyone. They are seen as a party with a pro-atheist stance, because repubs are pro-christian so they will take the rest of the voter block. However, in doing so they also pander to muslims and clutch pearls about "muh islamophobia", which is not a phobia. It is a rational fear of a murderous cult.

  2. You can disagree. That just shows we are not dogmatic like religious people. But you shouldn't trust career politicians that much. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Take a look at this:

  3. No one claimed Dems were champions of a secular society. Politics is all about choosing the lesser evil. And Dems are undeniably that choice.

  4. I’m trying so desperately to search for an uncensored source image. Does anyone know Satan’s onlyfans?

  5. This has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with pedophilia.

  6. It has everything to do with religion. In fact, this occurs because of religion.

  7. Religion is the excuse. Pedophilia is the motivation.

  8. Every Arabic sports-related social media is gloating and celebrating Germany's defeat due to this incident. The comments section is filled with hateful and homophobic slurs.

  9. No, because not even the most TECHNOLOGIC country in the world (Japan) uses a machine to count votes, but we, a third world country has a more efficient way to count votes, f*ck off bro

  10. People who are there are there because they like football. Not your genocidal, pedophillic medieval religion.

  11. Doesn't matter. Russia will only threaten Nuclear war and will never actually do it. It has yet to launch nukes at Ukraine even after threatening to.

  12. Putin’s buddy Xi would never allow him to start a nuclear war. After all it’s bad for business…

  13. Not even just Xi. Putin's own ministers and Advisors don't want him to.

  14. How can God lack free will via being outside of time?

  15. Because a change of mind requires time and if he can’t change his mind then his free will is being impeded.

  16. I find it funny to think that you consider it a weakness of God that he cannot change his mind, this is a good thing!

  17. I don’t see it as a weakness, I see it as logically inconsistent with the idea of expression of free will.

  18. No, it lacks Advanced Optimus and G-Sync. OLED is still a gimmick. Legion 7i with i9-12900HX and 3080 Ti is better imo.

  19. Yahweh is so weak and pathetic that he needs humans to do all his work and all his talking for him.

  20. It’s to separate from the lower end M series with the dark finish and a very traditional coating. Hard to describe what the thick white coating is but feels very different to the touch compared to anything else on the market.

  21. Another question, sorry, but is it possible to undervolt the i7-12700H specifically on the x15?

  22. No. Not possible on any 2022 machine on any brand with -H chips. Only-HK and -HX machine.

  23. Terrible QA, bad customer service, bad value, anti consumer practices (soldered ram requiring you to pay more, deleting GPU cores in software).

  24. Oh agreed, I never recommend Razer either. People say "build quality" like a unibody aluminum chassis is some kind of huge value add. They're ridiculously overpriced IMO.

  25. If humans are made in the image of God then why does God have the image of an evolved ape?

  26. If JJ had a say in Andor he’d probably have the Empire taking Kino’s DNA to use as a template for Snoke or something.

  27. Damn we see only cassian and melshi at the end so that means everyone else drowned or got captured

  28. Yahweh is a genocidal baby-killing dick. Satan truly is the hero of the BuyBull fairytales.

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