1. Sorry I should have been specific it was a NHS laptop which I use remotely at home so on my own network but NHS manage my system if that makes sense.

  2. If we can't forgive those who make mistakes then we lose what it means to be human.

  3. Absolutely fuck off with that. Victims don't have to forgive the aggression.

  4. How about you speak to Tyson instead of blowing up my inbox because I detailed his upbringing

  5. There's a lot of Taekwondo influence as well it's similar to Dutch style in the sense of Boxing and high emphasise on low kicks but less refined? I believe

  6. TKD has zero boxing and their kicking emphasis is much more body then head. Not much low kicks.

  7. Check out Burklerk Pinsinchai.. the guy is a golden era legend. The guy had over 170 fights without getting cut once. His foot work and angle cutting movement were the reason.

  8. You didn't fool me I knew it was a ARG! but it was class anyway thanks for entertaining me :)

  9. Sounds like a weak core I'd focus on some core exercises as well as regular stretching both super important

  10. Started MT in mid 1980s. Where were you then? 😄

  11. Float like a butterfly, sting like a killer thai bee?

  12. Thanks man I'm looking at changing angles with footwork right now thanks for the recommendation

  13. I don’t agree with the monarchy but the women filming is way out of line

  14. I’m guessing you’re new you’ll get over it eventually it’s a natural mental barrier just try and start off very light and technical and build your way up

  15. This guy sounds like a right bastard doesn’t seem like he will be back again

  16. Muay Thai factory looks like the most scuffed website on earth but it's legit. Bought a lot of stuff from there

  17. It’s a usd website it’s a shame because it has a great variety of gear from what I’ve seen I’ve always wanted to pick up some Thaismai but can’t find it Europe I’m guessing you can only get it from Thailand or the US

  18. Why can’t you go Re6 to force the bishop of the pawn making a queen

  19. Yeah at first I was like... so it sacrifices two pieces for style then checkmates? and then I saw the brilliance of the puzzle, it had to do those two moves in order to first make room for the bishop then block the queen via the black bishop. And of course both moves threatened mate in one.

  20. Yeah it’s a great puzzle one of my Favourites I’m glad you like it so much

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