1. They really think people are stupid as fuck. It's crazy how low rich people think of "common folk"

  2. Want that little twat to have a full gray head by the end of this. Lick a ball, Gassy

  3. Why should we be excited about this? How does this effect in terms of MOASS? (honest qustion not trying to be a tardy party)

  4. Many Equities traders and Banks have been trading in Crypto for at least 2 yrs and using it as a piggy bank for pump and dump schemes on Wallstreet.

  5. These mods really love throwing out the political rule to shut down posts. I've never seen them try to censor and silence so much in the passed two years.

  6. I've never seen eyes like GG. He genuinely looks like an alien or something out of a lab.

  7. Whatever, more time to accumilate. I dont know about this week, but I know the week after Thanksgiving last year was brutal. HF are fucking scrouges and will Shang Tsung happiness at any possibility.

  8. Dude, this whole AMC experience has really fucked me up. It exposed that everything is a lie and manipualted by another. Fucking everything. It makes me think I'm losing my mind cause whenever I even try to sprinkle a little bit of the truth in a conversation with friends I get the most weirded out responses. Just from saying "the government lies to us". I guess I am a consipiary theory man now. It's just so trippy that now I see the world completely different than I did 2 years ago and I cannot unsee any of the corrupt bullshit.

  9. She looks young and old at the same time. It really sucks to look at.

  10. The fact that t+90 is on the 22nd. I am prepared (hopefully not though) a red day of monumental proportions. I say this cause every. single. date. where we are hyped. THAT DAY is always a fucking blood bath. I know the cunts do it on purpose for pyschological purposes.

  11. Fact that people are trying to fud DRSing is so fucking stupid to me. Stahp it

  12. Dude, SSR has literally NEVER mattered. I've watched us tank harder when SSR was in effect.

  13. It literally just happened. Let people soak it even before the "next". Our attention span really is completely fucked.

  14. It will do nothing for the rest of the week and battle for $8 on Friday. Nothing is new or surprising at this point.

  15. One thing I appreciate about these passed 2 years is it helped me spot a shiesty fuck. They all have that same look and face and that just makes you go hmmmm.

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