1. I don't understand what happened here. Who said what that caused the casts jaws to drop and for Ronald to leave.

  2. Ronald has nothing going for him. He's not attractive at all and he is a total loser. Tiffany sitting up there talking shit about Natalie when she had her son calling a strange man daddy the first 3 months they were together. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  3. No pose will make your booty look this way. It's padded underwear.

  4. That could be the reason why she was soooo insistent on being Wife Number One ~ the only legally recognizable wife.

  5. Natalie moved on fast after asking for Mike to take her back huh 😂

  6. I don't like how she had her son calling Ronald daddy. Is she the type of person that has her kids calling every man she dates Daddy?

  7. He's too touchy feeling with the other girls. What he did to Angelina was wrong and When he was carrying Nicole on his shoulder it really disgusted me and it was creepy.

  8. They look very nice. You have an adorable face so you can pull off anything.💕

  9. If he's this bad on camera imagine him behind closed doors. Unless someone was abused mentally and physically you won't understand. He has all the traits of a emotional and physical abuser.

  10. She had a black eye and he has the personality of a wife beater. He acts just like my stepdad and he abused my mom for years.

  11. I watched the single life this morning and they made me hungry for spaghetti so right when the show was over I went to the store and bought everything for a meatball spaghetti and I just had it for dinner. Lol

  12. Haven’t seen single life yet , why did she move in ? Is she injured or something ?

  13. Trish really makes my stomach turn. Mike thinks the way she acts as cute but it's really disgusting. And she looks like Mike with hair and eye bags. 🤮

  14. No surprise. They are both thrown off so they are perfect for each other.

  15. He literally changed all his ways after their baby was born. She should have stayed her Russian ass in Ukraine instead of coming to America to turn that man's life upside down by taking his baby away from him after getting her business up and running and a little bit of Fame! She's a gold digger just like her trashy friends. Her and her mother seems like they had a plan from the start.

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