1. I didn’t mention anything but he also goes on to say like all the responsibilities and requires a 4 year bachelors degree like come on man

  2. I think Bondrewd is simply a positive role model and father figure- don’t look too far into his motives or actions. I mean it’s only a little, “abduction….” Come on now…

  3. Look for custom ex HG with detachable necks- you’ll find one used in this price range. I picked one up earlier this year for $3,000 and it’s the perfect horn for me. If you’re comfortable with Yamaha v. Selmer. Of course Selmer may be out of that price range even for a used. Hope this helps! Check reverb / local music stores / Facebook marketplace…

  4. Thank you! very helpful and relevant for me.

  5. Sorry! That’s the top Yamaha model for soprano saxophone- YSS-875 Custom HG I believe! Great horn- lots of professors use that horn. And yss 475 is great! Just make sure you get the best deal

  6. Broo Joey omg and pat holy you have great taste

  7. Lmao could you imagine counting Desenclos 🤪

  8. Yeah I dig this totally nice job, love the tone

  9. aw!! i wish i had stationery friends 🥲

  10. I beg your pudding but where did this take place and why were we not invited? ;)

  11. If you’re in ohio you’re welcome over for some drinks, and pens!

  12. University is closed, making music majors go in… it’s ridiculous

  13. Love tommy lehman, him and chris coles unstoppable duo

  14. Absolutely! As well as him with Nathan-Paul. Much love from Cleveland!

  15. Cle is where it’s at, based in akron both are hip

  16. Mfw figured bass and inverted chords 👎 oh and not to mention mf theoretical analysis

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