1. If they started to care more, would it change how you approach your preps? You've been doing it "alone" for 1-2 years now, what has driven you so far?

  2. It’s because I’ve been wanting to do it ever since high school and it basically saved me, because I wouldn’t say I had an eating disorder. But, my approach to food was very wrong (starving myself, restriction, and etc.) bodybuilding has shown me that I need to eat to fuel my body. But, if they did support it that wouldn’t necessarily change how I approach my prep. It just hurts seeing them support my siblings because it’s what my parents like. They don’t come to my competitions either.

  3. I’ve been working with Phoebe! She has her own business the posing portal and she is SO SO detailed in her feedback! Definitely check her website out!

  4. Kim’s protocol is strict meal plan (unless he recently changed). Not sure it would fit Tee

  5. Yes Kim still gives the strict meal plans it can be somewhat hard to keep up with it long term imo

  6. Oh I just competed in it this March! It was honestly so chill in my opinion. The only thing that was stressful was when they changed the time competitors had to be backstage and you couldn’t leave once you were backstage. So, I had to have my boyfriend get all my things and drop it off to me at the venue which was scary cuz I had to be on ft w him to make sure he put everything in my bag. Overall, definitely go for it if you have the chance and it’s a pro qualifier too!!

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