Elected officials, police chiefs on leaked Oath Keepers list

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  1. I have one and it's my only dab rig at all and it easily gets 50 dabs to a fill. I haven't counted and wouldn't be surprised if it was actually more.

  2. Looks like old material was used for the extraction, the fresher the flower the more gold the concentrate is, the older it is the more amber/darker it becomes. I have a post of some bubble hash that was made with 10 year old flower on my profile that is completely red because of this

  3. I got some light purple is this the same case? it taste good and dabs good tho

  4. Not all yocan produces are shit. Their uni box mods are good and probably their best selling product. 2 devices they sell that seem to be underrated are the yocan orbit for wax and the Komodo pro box mod which is a cheaper and smaller uni with more screen features, less physical features

  5. I remember at one point I had like 4-5 yocans laying around in different states of working lol

  6. At the end of the day, it's a £300 vape and I should be able to inhale however I damn well want and the device should just deal with it. - You lost me here, every device has a certain best way to inhale/ use it, my v3 pro takes a good bit of lung power to get it going which I find annoying compared to the draw on the TM2, to each their own.

  7. Remember he hasn't been vaping long he started in the tm era he missed all the yocan days lmao

  8. No one actually uses that grinder

  9. really bro?! I would throw that Chinese shit against the wall then look at you

  10. So many bangers I've seen are 1000x worse than even my cheap guest banger. It's definitely a game changer when you level up from parchment paper dabs and Ti nails

  11. I want to understand more about your position. If your dad said the word in property context trying to retell what someone racist said, would that be cause for cutting him out of your life or does it need to be used in a derogatory way attacking a specific someone? Do you cut him off instantly or do you give him a chance to correct his behavior? Do you have a good relationship with him?

  12. thanks for being a enabler of racism. if only we had more people stand up to racist instead of just getting along with them the world would be better, but it doesn't effect you so you don't care. you'll tell them you don't like it, they will continue to do it and people like me suffer. your the best. I hope one day all the poc's unite and send anyone not a poc out of the united states and on that day I'll stand by and say "I don't like it" as the massacre of your people continue.

  13. Oh shit, it kinda looks like it. There’s a process for reporting defective merchandise, either with the dispensary or the cultivar directly

  14. aww mannn.. it's in the universe now but I know what to look for.

  15. it rly doesnt, the amount of mango u would need to ingest in order to obtain the amount of mycrene found in a joint (if the weed even has mycrene as most without fruity terps does not) is way beyond whT you would eat along side smoking. as well as the fact that it would take at least 45 mins to be passed through ur stomach into the small intestine which is where it starts gettting broken down and passed to the brain. thus this fact is sadly bro science that has no real substance for evidence and all odds point to placebo

  16. But futes are up 1.3 percent On low volume think they want everyone to think it’s going up 👀

  17. Going! Super excited for Macy and Jhene especially but also always love Erykah and Miguel.

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