1. Voice my opinions without having to be cautious about social or professional backlash.

  2. Agreed. Heroin is better, but cyanide is irreversible. You don’t risk someone giving you Narcan and saving you to torture.

  3. True. Not sure why cyanide was chosen over that. I’m not defending the means, I’m just defending the motivation. It was, ultimately, in the attempt to prevent undue suffering. It wasn’t just him murdering a dog. If it wasn’t motivated by compassion, he wouldn’t have bothered giving the dog cyanide at all. Especially in so hectic of a situation. A reasonable person would likely have made the same choice to kill their beloved pet in the same situation. Though, that assumes he was thinking rationally at the time. There could have been illogical/irrational motivations behind his actions there, but that’s impossible to know.

  4. You say history but in my western country there are still women alive who had their pelvis broken to get out babies. They didn't like handing out csections, because women can only have a limited number of csections, and the Catholic church dont like their numbers to be limited.

  5. In less than a half dozen hospitals located in one country. It wasn’t a common practice in the 80s.

  6. No, they did not the best they could. We suspected the basics of germ theory for a very long time, a lot of people just didn't really believe it to be actually true. And a lot of people, doctors included, just refused to wash their hands in general. (A lot of people still don't wash their hands even today, FYI.)

  7. There a lot of theories back then. Nobody knew. Even the people who were right didn’t actually know, they merely suspected.

  8. Speedrunners of many games use third party tools to record their run times. Those tools pause during load time by watching the memory and stopping the timer, since load times are usually unfair and not counted in runs.

  9. You can edit seeds, though. If I were going to do this, without knowing how anyone else cheated, I’d use the world editing tool to modify a seed. I’d install Minecrsft in two separate drives, one clean and one not. I’d show the config file for the clean version to show there was no preset seed on stream and then boot up the cracked version. It’d seem legitimate.

  10. Cardassians don’t make a whole lot of sense as AuthLeft. They’re a very socially conservative culture, very family centric. I’d honestly call them AuthCenter. They’re basically classical fascists. The good of the State is always paramount for them. That they were thematically meant to be Nazi analogues is apparent. We don’t really know much about their economy. They do have a concept of personal wealth, use currency, and government officials seem to have a lot of that wealth. Inequality exists, but all are elevated to a certain standard.

  11. I think it is a slam-dunk that they are the USSR, which notably also was socially conservative and considered the State to be paramount. For example:

  12. There’s absolutely nothing economically left wing we see from them, though. They’re an expansionist military junta with elements of fascism. The only thing we know about their economy is that wealth exists and isn’t evenly distributed. The Bajorans are basically Space Jews and the Maquis are, well, the Maquis, the French guerrilla fighters opposing the Nazi occupation.

  13. They got revenge on it by turning it into the next experiment though.

  14. No need. A dude once walked though the beam of a particle accelerator. We know what would happen because it happened to him. The dose from the proton beam was something like 300,000 roentgen. The extreme energy and radiation he took to his head didn’t kill him. It basically functioned like targeted radiation therapy for cancer. He lost the hearing in one ear, control of one half of his face, and had some minor neurological problems going forward, but managed far better than you’d expect. This happened in the 70s and, as far as I know, he’s not dead yet.

  15. Your existence and rhetoric is a threat to some people's right to life. "Free speech" should not protect speech that leads to inspiration of terrorism. That is for example the just reasoning behind stripping away ISIS supporters' freedom even if they don't do something themselves or say anything directly. Your associations will make you a villain.

  16. If you say "Jews are an existential threat", then the route of action with existential threats is with the mouth, then the pen/press, then politics, then violence. The basis of assessing anything in our political system starts at individual rights, yet is still utilitarian. For example, it is within Jews' right of life to advocate for their protection by stifling stochastic terror and rhetoric than it is your freedom of speech to advocate for rhetoric that would lead to their death. Again, the comparison to the justification of oppressing ISIS members before they even advocate for direct violence is another example.

  17. If you ask a real /pol/ack you’ll know that they think he’s bad for their cause

  18. My problem with /pol/ was their stance on Jews. I tend to like Jews much more than Protestants or Muslims.

  19. After looking at the current state of Africa and how it's gone down the shitter int the decades, it's incredibly frustrating to explain to notmies how the country has gotten worse since Mandela. Explaing why the new goverment is actually terrible will only lead to say "you literally want apartheid racist".

  20. Nah, they fought against the government, wore cool masks, and used cool guns. Sure they’re commies, but FAL’s.

  21. Weren’t they anti-monarchy, anti-Protestant terrorists/freedom fighters? I don’t recall them ever being mentioned as communists.

  22. Bro anyone beyond our borders can starve if it were up to me.

  23. What if, and hear me out on this one, the NFL created a league just for Europe. They could give it a catchy name like NFL EUROPE.

  24. I don’t think he was either. But he would have been closer to communist because that has social support structures and help for the impoverished.

  25. Communism was the FORCED redistribution of land and wealth. Christ taught that any action, even charity, is meaningless unless it is taken with the correct intention. It’s not morally righteous to give your land or wealth when it is done by force. You need the freedom to not do so for for it to have any meaning.

  26. People really don't understand how dangerous a punch can be. People die from a single punch in the right (or wrong) place all the time. Any fight with a grown adult risks death or permanent injury, nothing is off the table to defend yourself

  27. Sure, what does that have to do with what I posted?

  28. That what they were wearing may not have been revealing, but it’s still kink-related and shouldn’t be revealed to kids.

  29. If you're argument is that a dress is inherently sexually explicit if it's worn by a man instead of a woman, then this is just going to be an impasse between us.

  30. A man in fetish garb is absolutely dressed in a sexually explicit way, regardless of how revealing it is.

  31. I've read in a few places that all the medical folks dip Canada asap for USA and it's mostly profit driven medical field because, hey who knew, it pays way better.

  32. Yeah. Pharmacists in the US make 3x what they do in the UK before you account for Euro*ag taxes. Same for doctors and nurses.

  33. While the USA is also way better than my shithole home country, Canada is still better than the USA, all things considered 👌

  34. After learning about the Sacklers and the scope of the Opioid Epidemic any sane person should hate Big Pharma.

  35. That’s largely overblown. They’re not to blame for the epidemic. They’re just easy scapegoats the media chose to blame rather than finger the real culprit.

  36. She is a respected friend, I trust her judgement and account of events more than an internet rando.

  37. Dollars to donuts, it’s highly likely she was a militant feminist or some similar insanity that made no one want to work with her.

  38. The virus bomb I launched was a fucking dud. No flesh dissolving virus. No firestorm. Just a mildly inconvenient respiratory virus. I fucking strung the tech magi up by his Ethernet cables for that blunder.

  39. Given how shit it is to be a woman compared to being a man, I could hardly blame them. Women’s bodies basically kick the shit out of them for 40 years and their peer bonding is shallow and nightmarishly convoluted.

  40. It’s bad enough that Freud clearly didn’t actually read the oedipus Rex. It’s so much worse when people reference it without understanding

  41. Nearly 20 years since I read it, and I finally just realized the title is actually King Oedipus.

  42. Didn’t Brady win 3 SBs within his first four years as a starter? Mahomes seems markedly worse than that.

  43. If you want to look at strictly team stats, sure. Mahomes absolutely demolishes Brady in counting stats up to this point though. Bradys worst defense is far better than Mahomes best defense at this point

  44. By counting stats, you mean volume stats? You’re comparing volume stats across different eras of play? As in, an era before the Ty Law rule and other similar pro-offense rule changes? That seems rather meaningless. Passing during Brady’s first years is completely different from passing now. Mahomes would be a corpse if defenses were allowed to play like they did in the late 90s and early 00s.

  45. Yeah but you could make the same argument for the Quran. I don't disagree though.

  46. The Quran was written for Muslims. Muslims follow Islamic law. The Old Testament was written for Jews. Jews follow Judaic law.

  47. By all evidence God abandoned the UK long time ago

  48. By most accounts, during the time of the Reformation. Or, at least, after the death of the last Catholic monarch in the early 1700s.

  49. The government did, yes, but the whole “people spit on returning veterans” is a lie and propaganda. It never happened. Nobody blamed the draftees, that would be idiotic.

  50. You have a sauce on that? Because I’ve definitely seen videos/pictures of protesters calling the vets baby killers and the like.

  51. Did you see the pictures and videos in Rambo? Oh Reddit... The book Spitting Image by Jerry Lembeck debunks the myth effectively. Pease don’t spread historical myths.

  52. That’s a baseless appeal to authority. Nobody knows who Jerry Lembeck is or what makes his book authoritative.

  53. I will admit, I am a libleft who like a fine cock in my ass, whether the cock belongs to a man or a woman.

  54. Dark Heresy has the best tables when it comes to terrible things that can happen to both npc and characters.

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