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  1. There would be so many cool designs if it was possible for people to design them.

  2. My man the main downside of wireless charging is the waste of power in exchange

  3. For Apple to claim to care about the environment, I would think they would have to go USB-C.

  4. Did he cross the Swedish line instead?

  5. Tbh this is the sort of response he deserves, not some lengthy rebuttal or call to meet, just a curt dismissal like the naughty child he is.

  6. Careful… he might call you a pedophile

  7. What a wonderful story of a life well lived

  8. Go for a nice message. Patients may see it, so make sure it’s inspirational or something but not weird/funny

  9. Agreed. My gf got my name on mine and it’s really appreciated, pretty early on in out relationship actually.

  10. Agreed, woman are powerful and need to be a part of the conversation. Also, the sentiment form Oak Creek continues-

  11. I honestly expected wireless and titanium iphone but yeah, no. I guess we will get titanium iphone next year and wireless maybe two years later with that slow speed.

  12. Not to mention the inefficiency of wireless, especially for a company that claims to care about the environment while using a proprietary cable that has very little use outside of iPhones and AirPods

  13. Of course if they removed the cable (in the USB-C future), you’ll see Reddit complain.

  14. We can’t make everyone happy, but Apple itself called Lightning “

  15. I definitely wouldn’t do it in public, but not a bad idea lol… thought about it when I was struggling with names, but just learned them over time

  16. also since i forgot to say it before- to the person who went on and on about how they personally know that her res program isn’t toxic, and how she had insomnia and depression beforehand, essentially trying to remove blame from the residency- FUCK U TOO

  17. Let people say what they wanna say, it’s up to each of us to determine what we believe to be true.

  18. Dude, I'm just saying that we can't reduce what someone is going through to one factor. I'm not saying that her residency wasn't part of the problem. When you say "FUCK U TOO," you're not letting people talk. We can't have an honest discussion without letting us all say what we want to say.

  19. Hey, its all good. Its the people that double down in 2020 because they didn't like Biden that make me question their logic. I didn't like him either, but jesus...was it that hard of a choice to make between the two??

  20. Agreed, I voted for my preferred candidate in the primaries, and I chose the better of the 2 options in the general election.

  21. "I don't see why people have a problem with the way I drive. The cars always just barely get out of my way."

  22. This is just how people in India drive honestly, especially truckers

  23. Open it in chrome, right click and "translate to english"

  24. Safari does this too on iPhone now

  25. I don’t want another Lightning device. As much as apple is supposed to “just work” it’s inconvenient to have to carry around a lightning cable. I’m gonna stick with my iPhone 11 Pro until they go USB C or maybe I’ll look into Android. Also would like them to improve cross texting with Android devices.

  26. Objects in motion stays in motion, unless acted on by a force

  27. I just don’t find it comfortable to wear to bed yet… the Fitbit was more comfortable to wear to bed.

  28. I’ve been on watchOS 9 and do like the sleep features, but I have to say that my FitBit was a lot more comfortable to wear to bed… trying to see if the discomfort of the watch is worth wearing to bed.

  29. She lives in a bubble. When she talks about her career you'd think she had a VP or Director level position at a pharma company, but some people here found that she has an entry level position (CRA I) or something at a CRO, which likely pays around 80k/yr. The only reason she has a house is because it's in a really cheap part of the country, which is not really an accomplishment. Others here who know her personally suggest that her parents bought her car.

  30. She’s pretty middle class, but making great mommy for the south, I’m sure. I’m glad that the show had some “regular” people.

  31. Just got this on my Apple Devices! Does anyone know if there is a way to configure a gamepad to it like the way I am able to on my MacBook?

  32. US laws against anticompetitive business practices are just a joke at this point. Apple does everything in their power to make their hardware not play well with others and they never pay a price for it.

  33. How they have not been sued for monopolistic practices is beyond me.

  34. Gotta vote with the wallet. I don't intend to buy another iPhone until USB C and RCS support. I'd also prefer not to support Facebook with WhatsApp, and I know Telegram exists.

  35. Unpopular opinion. I disagree. Health is variable and this will only lead to increases in ageism. It would be better to have everyone over 50 attend regular health checks where information relevant to ability to serve in office was released to the public. If we want younger people in office, it's up to us to vote for them.

  36. I would agree, but look how Trump’s doctors were manipulated and/or straight up lied to us.

  37. There needs to be a policy where the physician would have an obligation to share with the public. As I understand, right now, the doctor only has an obligation to the public service patient.

  38. So no one who's commented so far has watched Severance?

  39. Even if it is just a reference to the show, does it make sense in the show why she would glitch out for a split second? I thought it was an AR reference too as someone who hasn't seen the show.

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