1. I bought me a 2019 model 3 SR+ with 99,789 miles. So far in the 2 months of having it I spent about $3K in repairs for 2 new turn indicators, new glove box, charge port replaced, battery breathers, some trim pieces, trunk deck lid button, windshield wipers, low coolant refill, trunk gasket replacement. That’s about it. It’s been great so far. Paid $28K

  2. I want to see pics of the people who have 10+ home pods.

  3. That would be me good sir! 14 HomePods. 3 mini’s and 11 big HomePods all different colors

  4. Samsung is a great and reliable brand! That refrigerator is about $3,500 brand new!

  5. Ha Ha stretch marks! Didn’t your mother teach you to never tell that to a person? 😅😅

  6. The truck is sexy but that rear. God terrible. Hope they make some better headlight designs

  7. Flip base over and unscrew lots of Philips head screws. Remove and inspect. Then reinstall

  8. The polite thing to do is tell the kids parents and bill them for it every time it happens. Take them to court if they don’t pay. The evil thing to do about this is set some sound activated tree or bush hugger that makes loud sounds when it hears glass breaking. It’ll scare the daylights out of them. Or you know can just Hotwire a electric fence on the frame of the light when they touch it they will get zapped.

  9. More superchargers! There’s none between the stretch of Houston Texas and orange Texas. Borrowed my buddies MYLR for a 4 week trip as a test to see if I was interested in a Tesla! Loved them as a kid since 2013! Now I’m 23 and love them! It was a great car but I ended up arriving to parents house with 11% from 100% then charge maybe 30% with the provided mobile charger with a dryer outlet. That wasn’t much of a worry. It was going to see my dad 45 minutes away that worried me. I get there and look through 12 of my tesla adapters for an outlet in the workshop. All 12 of them didn’t fit that one outlet! Thought I had all the adapters but didn’t. I ended up staying the night unplanned to charger the teslas on a 5-10 adapter. Then back to parents to charge somewhat faster then to drive back to nearest super charger. I always arrived there multiple times with 1% battery or a 0% flashing battery and it made me scared! Now that Elon has heard and listened to the numerous complaints a year later there’s now superchargers in Beaumont Texas. A city 20 minutes from orange that I pass through to get there! I finally bought me a Tesla after hearing the news. 2019 M3 SR+ couldn’t be happier!

  10. It’s nice to have this feature but not so nice When you drop your phone high from the sky when trying to heat your tesla!

  11. Lol yes this!! We have one in the shop that would rather pay a $10,000 for 54 days rental bill on a used engine they are trying to find and send one that isn’t bad than to buy a new short block from Toyota and be done in a day. But hey at least “you’re in good hands”

  12. This! Geico spent 6 months trying to get used parts for a 2022 Honda accord after a collision. Not my fault. Other party. Had a rental for the 6 months that well exceeded $22K in just rental. It would have been quicker with new parts! But I can’t complain. They put me in a Tesla model y as my rental. Shortly after 6 months they ended up cutting me a check and I bought me a Tesla! All thanks to him! I want to send him a thank you card with a picture of the car!

  13. Probably more than that in a case like this where the class size is actually fairly small and the per-person damages should be pretty high. Lawyers are actually limited in the percentage they can take in a class action suit, it's just that usually the ones you hear about (or participate in) are huge class sizes with small per person payouts but big total payouts.

  14. "Were you mis-sold Full Self Driving? You may be entitled to compensation"

  15. Has to be plugged in directly behind your router. Satellites and network switches don’t work. Unless the switch is wired directly behind the router without the ip being hidden.

  16. I wish I had opted in for the white interior in my blue model 3 RWD. I may do a complete retrofit to the white interior here in the next few weeks. My mother has a model y long range with deep ocean blue paint, 22” Uber turbine, white interior, third row. It was a damn beast. All 3 of us kids are grown up now and she has all that room to her self!

  17. Volvo cars are always shaped after a station wagon. The new sedans are so wide and long.

  18. It took me 5 months to use to the one pedal driving. I’ll admit at times I use the brake and forget it’s one pedal driving but that’s 8 years of driving a Volkswagen Jetta and Passat, honda accord, Hyundai sonata with 2 pedals. It’s going to take others longer if they just switched over. Give her some training courses on it. She’ll appreciate it

  19. I remember when there were signs everywhere at fancy places and restaurants parking garages that didn’t allow Tesla’s due to battery dying and battery fires

  20. Manufacture recommends to let it burn. It’s a waste of time to try and put it out and it just reignite again unless they can submerge it like here

  21. I smell a hefty lawsuit, Someone is getting fired at either the Fremont or the Giga Austin facility

  22. Did you buy a used Tesla with a ton of miles, now took it in hoping you get a bunch of free work done without a warranty?

  23. Not really. The previous owner kinda neglected the car. The other things popped up once I was in it for a few weeks

  24. Where did you get the bulletin numbers from?

  25. I did a google search and cross referenced all of the model 3 service bulletins against the issues I have. And that’s how I found most of them.

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